Monday, March 8, 2021

SLICE #8 Carol's Ten Commandments of Commenting

 0. Thou shalt comment on a minimum of ten posts a day.

1. If someone comments on your slice, thou shalt hunt theirs down and comment on that one. Turnabout is fair play. Or maybe that Golden Rule thing that some people talk about. 

2. If thou reads a post, thou shalt also comment on it. Why would you read it and not say something?

3. Thou shalt comment on at least five late-night slicers from the previous day. Those poor souls hardly get any comments, and darn it, they deserve some feedback too. 

4. Thou shalt comment on the three slices that were posted directly before your slice. 

5. Thou shalt comment on at least two or three people you have sliced with for a long time. You have a history, a relationship to maintain, for Pete's sake. 

6. Thou shalt comment on at least three people who you have never met. Didn't you ever learn the girl scout song about make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold?

7. Thou shalt skim the slice titles and comment on two or three that sound interesting to you. 

8. Thou shalt go back and revisit some of the new to you blogs, especially if it seems like they are not getting very many comments. 

9. Thou shalt forgive people if they have a lightweight post (like this one) maybe they have just had a long day and are too tired to write anything good. Try visiting them again the next day.

10. Thou shalt make notes about some of the more creative posts you read. Maybe you could copy their format. 


Chris said...

YAY! Great advice, Carol. I'm working on commenting more each day. Good idea to check out last night's late night slicers.

Ancrsantucci said...

This is good advice, and I see it as a guide. When I get I get a little better at this Slice of Life writing, I see myself returning to this post for comment goals and/or strategies. It also put a smile on my face.

Natasha said...

It was fun to read your rules and compare them to the rules I have in my head but have never articulated. You put me to shame with the amount of support that you give! Definitely I've got some new commenting goals to work towards.

Ramona said...

I like to comment, but I wish they would give us a list of new slicers. It's impossible to find them unless you go back to that first day. What I really want is a spread sheet with everyone's name and blog address, so I can find slicers I've been looking for e.g. TLC, Celia Fisher, and Meredith. I've yet to get all the way through a day's list since I get easily distracted by the book/ grandbaby/ cat/ cookie slices (haven't seen any of those this year yet). Happy commenting, Carol! Love your list!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Allllll of this! But there are a few I always forget to do consistently. Like commenting on the people who comment on my blog. I ALWAYS forget to do that. Or rather, I assume that I did it, and I usually didn't! And then I realized this year that I rarely comment on the three people who post before me on TWT. I typically comment on dozens of slices each day, so it's not like I'm not doing my fair share of commenting. But I am trying to make a point this year of commenting on those three blogs. I'm also with Ramona--would love a spread sheet with everyone's blog address so I can find what I'm looking for! I keep remembering slicers I love that I haven't found yet this year! I enjoyed this post very much.