Monday, March 22, 2021

SLICE #22- It's happening again.

 The news flashes across my computer screen as I sit in yet another Google Meet.

Again. It's happening again.

Active shooter. 

SWAT team on the scene. 

Ambulances and helicopter have been dispatched. 

This one, though, hits especially close to home. 

It's in a King Soopers Grocery Store in Boulder. 

Roughly 30 minutes northwest of my house. 

About ten minutes south of the University of Colorado. 

Blocks from a home recently purchased by a dear friend's son. 

I hope he didn't choose today to go to the grocery store. 

I turn on the news 

The SWAT team is going through cars in the parking lot

People, who must have somehow gotten out of the store

sit wrapped in white blankets on the curb at the edge of the parking lot. 

A newscaster babbles endlessly about what is not yet known.

And all I can think is


It's happening again. 

How many more times

before we actually do something 

to stop this lunacy?


Diane Anderson said...

So sorry to read this. Only moments ago it was on the evening news as I watched. I feel more connected to the tragedy of it. I always have that thought, again. Please, not again. said...

Such a sad slice to have to write - and your words hit that home - It's happening again. I wonder when we wont' have slices like this to write anymore. said...

Not again was the first thoughts I had when I saw this on the news today. Your post reminded me that while it isn't close to my house this time, it's close to someone's. Thank you for putting into words what many are feeling right now.

Cathy said...

Again. It's happening again. It seems every day it is easy to find another instance. How many more times before we do something? How long before we make the changes necessary? How many more lives? Today our governor argued against a bill that is being introduced to the limit his powers in a public health crisis. He reminds that the governor and health department need to be able to act quickly to protect its citizens. True. Of course, I also wondered why this same thinking doesn't apply to guns in our state. Why does one person's rights supersede the safety of others? Until we figure it out we will continue to have to say, "Again. It's happening again."

I'm sorry that it has hit so close to home.