Sunday, March 14, 2021



Today is a grilled cheese kind of day. 

For more than a week, forecasters have been predicting a storm.

The storm of the year.

Or maybe the decade.

Or the century.

It was going to start on Thursday.

No wait, Friday. 

Maybe not until Saturday. 

Saturday morning about 9

Finally, Saturday about 4, intensifying into Sunday 

and probably lasting until Monday morning. 

Maybe not two feet, maybe only a foot. 

The news went on and on.

The storm arrived yesterday.

It sleeted most of the day,

then switched over to serious snow late in the afternoon. 

It was still pretty warm, so when I went to bed

there weren't more than a couple of inches on the ground.

That changed over night. 

I woke to about ten inches of snow. 

It's continued snowing all day. 

We now have about fifteen inches. 

My sister, who is a nurse, made the hour drive from Colorado Springs,

so she can get to work tomorrow. 

She made it just before they closed the highway. 

School districts, mine included, are announcing plans to close for tomorrow.

The lights are flickering 

and I wonder how much longer 

we will have power. 

Snow means shoveling.

I really like shoveling.

Or any kind of purposeful exercise. 

I went out with my shovel around 10:30. 

I thought I would be out there about 45 minutes,

but it ended up being close to an hour and a half. 

That snow was wet!

And really, really heavy! 

I was drenched. 

And starving.

Definitely a grilled cheese kind of a day. 


Heidi's Musings said...

I love how you describe this! And I'm impressed that you enjoy shoveling. We had a lot of snow here for a while in February, and I did enjoy that shoveling. Until it was too heavy and enough already. Good luck in keeping your power and staying safe. Happy snow day. Enjoy the grilled cheese.

Leigh Anne Eck said...

I was just looking at Linda Baie's snow pictures, so when I started reading this, I wondered if you were in Colorado too. I love how you wrapped up rambling thoughts with the grilled cheese ending - it was perfect. Be safe and be careful! Oh, and you can keep the snow too! :)

Vanessa Vaile said...

You know someone's in Colorado when they don't need to get to the word "Colorado" to KNOW where this storm is. Not much snow yet here in the NE corner but there's been sleet and now a noisy thunderstorm. I should share the poem to my Yuma community page.

Carol at The Apples in My Orchard said...

I have a good friend in Colorado and she has kept me posted on the snowfall. I hope it stays down your way and does not migrate to the upper mid-west where I live in Wisconsin. We don't mind if it becomes cold again, but I think we'd like to be done with the snow! Happy shoveling! BTW - what attracted me to your post was that I had a grilled cheese today too!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Even though I've moved away, I had to follow the storm on my friends' FB pages! 33 inches were predicted for Chadron, NE, though I don't think they got that much. Still. Those spring snows can be so heavy! i rather enjoy shoveling too, and a grilled cheese is a perfect way to follow up some time outdoors in the snow!

Cathy said...

Your weather forecast sounds like those of Ohio. You just never really know how will end up! Hopefully you are starting to dig out and all will return to normal soon.