Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Tenth Annual Picture Book Ten for Ten- We're All In This Together

The events of the last few weeks have left my heart heavy to the point that I wasn't sure I was even going to do a PB Ten for Ten this year. But somehow, I just couldn't not participate in the Tenth Annual Picture Book Ten for Ten. Hence my theme (such as it may be)- We're All In This Together.
There will be lots more great collections at Cathy Mere's Reflect and Refine. 

Bear Came Along
by Richard Morris and LeUyen Pham
One of those absolutely perfect picture books that all kids from age 2 up to 102 will love!

Lottie and Walter
Anna Walker
Lottie doesn't want to go into the swimming pool because she knows there are sharks in the water. 
Her friend, Walter, convinces her otherwise. 

Otto and Pio
Marianne Dubuc
Otto the Squirrel is perfectly content living alone in his treehouse until the day when a furry white creature, enclosed in a bushy green egg arrives....

Drew Brockington
A small green monster is a mess until a hot dog vendor saves the day!
I could see using this book to introduce a discussion 
as to how our actions can soothe or escalate situations. 

I Can Only Draw Worms
by Will Mabbitt
A crazy fun counting book in which the narrator is decidedly unapologetic about his talents. 

If I Was the Sunshine
by Julie Fogliano and Loren Long
It's by Julie Fogliano (If You Want to See a Whale and When Green Becomes Tomatoes) and Loren Long. That might be all I have to say. A beautiful and poetic picture book.

Lawrence in the Fall
Matthew Farina
Lawrence the Fox needs to share a collection at school.
His friends are excited but Lawrence doesn't collect anything...

Where Are You From?
Yamile Staled Méndez and Jaime Kim
A little girl keeps getting asked where she is from.
Her abuelo helps her craft an answer.
Also available in Spanish.

My Heart is a Compass
Deborah Marcero
A girl draws several different "maps" of her world. 
I want to use this book before kids create heart maps of the stories they want to tell this year. 

If DaVinci Painted a Dinosaur
by Amy Newbold and Greg Newbold

Dinosaurs as seen by many different artists.
A reminder that there are many ways to see the world.