Sunday, April 18, 2010

EVERY LAST ONE- Anna Quindlen

For the last year, I have been trying not to spend so much money on books. I go to the library more. I borrow books from friends (or anyone else who will lend them to me). A few weeks ago, however, my sister gave me a bookstore gift card for my birthday. Although I almost always buy children's books, this time, I made an exception. I bought Anna Quindlen's newest novel, EVERY LAST ONE. I just couldn't wait for it to become available at the library or come out in paperback. And I gotta tell you it was worth every penny, (like everything else Anna Quindlen writes). I know, because I stayed up half the night and skipped church this morning to finish it.

Mary Beth Latham is a "typical" mom. She owns Latham's Landscaping. She has an opthamologist husband and is the mom to three teenagers- Ruby, a gifted writer, and fraternal twins Alex and Max. Mary Beth spends her days caring for her family, worrying about her teenagers' emotional needs, juggling teenagers' schedules, driving carpools, etc. The Latham's home is where kids hang out-- Ruby's boyfriend, Kiernan, her best friends, Sarah and Rachel, and Alex's soccer teammates. It all seems very ordinary until the unthinkable happens…

A great, great read by one of my all-time favorite authors.