Friday, March 12, 2021

SLICE #12- In which my son considers leasing a $66,000 car....

 His car was stolen three days ago. 
and when I walk in the door from work
my son approaches me with a plan
he wants to buy a motorcycle
I am terrified of motorcycles
especially on the crazy crowded freeways in Denver
but I try to react calmly
how do you think that will work when the weather is bad?

Half an hour later he comes downstairs
I am preparing for a zoom meeting
He has decided against the motorcycle
instead, he will lease a car,
ok, a $66,000 car
the payments will only be $501 a month
he thinks he can do it
Again, I try to stay calm
a $66,000 car?

Have you thought about insurance?" I ask
If you are going to lease a car, 
(and especially a $66,000 car)
you are going to have to have insurance.
First he tells me that I am trying to ruin his plans
that I never believe in him
and then he tells me he can find insurance

he goes back upstairs
Ten minutes later he is back
he has found insurance
It will be $500 a month
but he thinks he can swing it
Will I take him to the dealership tomorrow?

I suggest that maybe he should consider 
renting a car 
for a couple of weeks
maybe his car
(which was, by the way not insured)
will come back
in one piece

He is insistent
He wants to go looking at cars

I envision him
who has not worked for almost two years
who will start a new job,
on Monday
striding into a dealer
and announcing that he is there to lease
a $66,000 car

I tell him I will drive him
but I will not go in. 
I will not co-sign for a car.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

I think it will be ugly. 


Ramona said...

Oh no! I admire your ability to stay calm as he tries to figure this out. Maybe the voice of reason will visit his dreams tonight!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Your posts are like a glimpse into my future, because this is EXACTLY what my son would think and plan and try to do. As is the story of the stolen car. How I wish we could sit down for a nice long meal and talk parenting!! Among much else. I always love the careful format of these pieces. There is something about the poetic line that leaves so much space for emotion.