Sunday, March 28, 2021



Today was a "Do not pass go, do not collect $200," kind of day.

It actually started out great. 

On weekends, I usually spend either Saturday or Sunday hanging out with my mom. She lives in Colorado Springs,  about 75 miles south of me. Usually it takes an hour and a half door to door. But right now, there's a huge construction project going on, and the trip takes somewhere around 2 to 2.5 hours. 

Most of the time, my mom and I do stuff that she needs to do-- go to the grocery store, or shop for birthday cards, or go to a bookstore to make sure she has enough reading material for the next week. And we always go out to lunch. Basically, she just wants to get out for a few hours. 

This week, though, was a little different. My mom had outpatient surgery on Friday, and she's still recuperating, so today she wanted to hang out at home. I got there a little after nine. We watched her church service on television, and played a couple of games of Scrabble, and watched a little March Madness. I went and picked up pizza for lunch. A nice day. 

A little after two, she suggested maybe I should get going. I wrapped up the pizza, dumped the trash, put a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, and then took off. It took about two hours to get back to Denver, not great, but not bad. And all the way, I envisioned the things I was going to do with my Sunday night, given that I don't have school tomorrow. I wanted to write my slice and do a little school work, but I also wanted to write a couple of thank you notes, and finish the book I'm reading.

I pulled up in front of my house, and reached behind the seat, to grab my computer bag. 

And that's where the problems began. 

My computer bag wasn't behind the seat.

My computer bag wasn't anywhere in my car. 

My computer bag was next to the desk, in my mom's apartment in Colorado Springs, two hours south of Denver.

And so, instead of doing schoolwork, or writing thank you notes, or reading my book, I got back in the car, and drove the two hours back to Colorado Springs, and then drove the two hours back to Denver. 

Eight hours of driving, and I never got any farther than 75 miles from my house.

Today was definitely a "do not pass go" kind of day. 


Heidi said...

Some of ours days are just like that. At least you got in a visit with your mom, and had pizza. Hope next weekend is less eventful

Amy Ellerman said...

Oh. . . your title is just perfect for what ended up derailing your day. Super impressed that you managed to craft a slice after such a long day.

Vanessa Vaile said...

Definitely a "do not pass go" day. And to write anything longer than a haiku after that. I might have gone with a captioned picture of a laptop and a caption...

Christina said...

I wondered how the day was going to change as it was going so well. All that driving does not sound fun. Hope you had a good audio book, podcast or music to keep you company. You really are a good daughter.

Ramona said...

Oh, Carol, I was so sad for you. As soon as you reached behind the seat, I knew where this slice was going. . . Hoping your Monday is filled with some of the things you intended to do last night.

Laura Benson said...

Darn....Next time, let me drive you down and back 💜💗💜📗📖💚