Monday, April 5, 2021

POEM #5- Day the First

"Day the First"

The trainer assures me
All I need to do 
is put you on a soft blanket
on the floor of the back seat
and play some soothing music. 
You will go right to sleep
she promises.
You  cry all the way home.
from the airport. 

When the neighbors come to meet you
you do not wag your tail
or baptize them with puppy breath kisses
instead you pose
a worried look on your face
then topple over
and sleep for an hour
on the front lawn.

The sky darkens 
kettle drum thunder booms
white lightning zags across the sky
and monsoon rains
like we almost never see in Colorado
fills the backyard with pools of water
you wait as long as you can
then squat on a potty pad
on the bathroom floor.

so far from Mama Uma
so far from the pile of 
warm-breathed brothers and sisters
you cry yourself to sleep,
I spend the night
on the floor
in front of your kennel. 

(c) Carol Wilcox




Ramona said...

Not sure which lines are more heart-rending:
"You cry yourself to sleep"
or "I spend the night
on the floor
in front of your kennel."
Hard to think about how lonely he must have felt that first night away from Mama and siblings.
Wonderful poem, Carol!

Linda B said...

No surprise with those cries & he was on a frightening airplane, too. What a day! I love those final lines, too, as Ramona did. This is a wonderful thing you're doing, Carol!

Mary Lee said...

Heartbreaking! But he's come a long way and because of you is so happy and confident!

Cathy said...

The first days are so hard. If only it was as easy as a soft blanket!