Thursday, April 29, 2021


 Almost every year I've done April poetry,  I've managed to work in an abecedarian. Here is this year's.

Back to school, August 2020 (we didn't actually go to school until November).

"Rooney: An ABCdarian"

Amigo, ally, angel,

Backporch buddy, 

Clandestine couch cuddler,

Deep dirt digger, aka Doctor Destructo,

Excited about everything,

Faithful friend,

Galaxy’s go-to guy,

Happy to host visitors,

Intelligent and intuitive,

Jump on genius,

Killer of computers and cords,

Lover of ladies,

Mischievous mascot,

Never met a stranger,

Outstanding observer of odors,

Patient preschool protector,

Quiet comforter of kids,

Reluctant reading station,

Snoring stuffy assassin, 

Tiny bit timid,

Unabashed admirer of Uncle Craig,

Velcroed vest remover,

Worry wart and water wader (but only if necessary),

eXcellent example of all that is good,

You are loved

From A to Z. 


Jean said...

What a fabulous poem filled with Rooney love AND amazing alliteration!

Matt Forrest Esenwine said...

He certainly sounds like a wonderful pup! We have fostered at least 16+ dogs over the past 5 years, and they're always unique. Love this!

Linda B said...

Wonderful, Carol. Dear Rooney, I'm glad to have read all about you!

Buffy Silverman said...

Love this (and my dog, Dakota, is described appropriately in your D line!)

Mary Lee said...

YAY! You write FABULOUS abecedarians! I'm glad you fit one in this month.

"Reluctant reading station" -- you got a fun poem out of that one!

Your collection from this month will make an amazing gift for Rooney's next person!

Carol Varsalona said...

It looks like Rooney and I have something in common, Carol => Outstanding observer of odors. Great job with the ABC poem.

Ruth said...

This is the most alphabet-full abecedarian I've ever read! I love how every word is packed with the appropriate letter! I'm going to show this one to my students next time I teach about abecedarians!

Ramona said...

What a wonderful abecedarian! My favorite lines: "Lover of ladies, Patient preschool protector, Quiet comforter of kids..." Rooney, you've stolen my heart and almost made this cat lover a dog person!

Tabatha said...

He's a charmer!!

Elisabeth said...

Rooney sounds like a wonderful companion celebrated with a wonderful abecedarian!