Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Poem #14- A Few Rooney-ku

Saturday, I understand, is National Haiku Day.  The folks at CaPR asked if anyone wanted to write some dog haiku, and I volunteered my sixth grade friends.  Tomorrow, I'm planning on asking them to picture Rooney in some of his favorite places, or doing some of the things they see him doing, and then create a visual snapshot. I decided if they were going to write haiku, I better try a few also, so I'd have something to get them started. 

Sometimes I enjoy
Digging deep into brown earth,
Find worms and Star's bones

loves to get naked
often grabs velcro strapped vest
strips to birthday suit

when he is nervous
yawns, stretches long and hard, 
assumes down dog pose

does not like ears touched
but that place on his right hip
scratch there forever

Are you feeling sad?
Do you need a caring friend?
I’m sure I can help.

Did I hear a click?
My absolute favorite sound
Love to work for treats.


Mary Lee said...

That FACE!!!

Can't wait to see what your writers come up with. You've given them a good start!

Cathy said...

Oh, Rooney. I have fallen in love with this little pup. He makes for perfect haiku.

Linda B said...

Marvelous, Carol. Your students will love writing about Rooney! I love that you included so many 'snapshots' of him. That 'down dog pose' is super fun.

Ramona said...

I'm looking forward to haikus from your students. My favorite is the down dog pose. Interesting that being nervous is his trigger for this.