Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Poem #27- RAISING ROONEY- "Excursions"

Service dogs have to be ready to perform in lots of different settings. Pre-COVID, at least once a month, training classes were held somewhere off-site-- a park, a museum, downtown. During the past two summers, we've also gone somewhere every Wednesday. The dogs love, love, love strutting their stuff in public and we usually have lots of fun. 

Tonight's poem is a (bad) acrostic.

Rooney at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, Summer 2020


Every few weeks, without

Xception, we take to the streets

Check out new spaces

Utilize our skills

Review commands

Strut our stuff

Impress onlookers

Outshine everyone

Nail down new learnings and

Show off supremely!

(C) Carol Wilcox, 2021


Cathy said...

Ha! Sounds a little competitive. ;o) It has to be fun to go to so many different places. Do you see the same people and dogs each time? I'm pretty intrigued by this whole process. (And in love with Rooney.)

Linda B said...

I imagine at first this was a bit nerve-wracking, yet so good for Rooney to meet all kinds of places. I admire you, too, Carol, for the rougher beginnings & now seeing Rooney so great!

Ramona said...

Strut our stuff and show off supremely. Way to go, Rooney (and Carol).

Mary Lee said...

Quit it. This acrostic is so NOT bad!