Wednesday, April 28, 2021

POEM #28- RAISING ROONEY- Two tri-cubes

When you spend a lot of time with someone, you get to know all of their little nuances. That's definitely true for me, with Rooney. I wonder how long it will take his person to know him well...

Today I'm attempting the tri-cube, a poem that has three stanzas, each with three lines, and each line with three syllables. I wrote two.

"On greeting a special friend"

you extend

to full stretch

yawn widely

people think

that means you’re

calm, relaxed

i know you’re

struggling for 


© Carol Wilcox


"It depends on the situation..."

when i fuss

about work

you are stressed

when I fight

with my sons

you exit

when a kid

needs soothing

you draw close

(C) Carol Wilcox,2021


Ramona said...

Love these glimpses into Rooney's personality. What a gift you're writing for his new owner!

Cathy said...

Interesting to read more about Rooney. What a delight! I enjoyed your trip-cube poems. I have found myself looking for forms in the last days of the challenge. Sometimes it seems easier to write when the form is already decided - and sometimes it does not. I may have to try a few tai-cubes.

Jean said...

Rooney knows when to "draw close". Such a special time for both of you!

Mary Lee said...

Oh my heart...the second one.

Matt Forrest Esenwine said...

Nicely done, Carol - great to see you tackling this form!