Friday, April 30, 2021

POEM #30- Raising Rooney-

 “I've Got RooneyAll Over Me”

“I’ve got Rooney

all over me,”

says Armando

plucking a yellow hair

from the bottom

of his backpack. 

“I’ve got Rooney

all over me too,”

I think. 

On my navy hoodie,

on the living room couch

where he sleeps

every chance he gets.

Across the backseat

 of my car. 

I’ve got Rooney

all over me 

in other ways too.

His exuberance

as he yanks off his vest

and dances around the room 

inviting me to play.

His intense focus

and eagerness to please

when I put him 

on a long stay

and walk across the room. 

His huge heart

in trying things

that are hard

or scary for him.

He hates metal bleachers

But he would do them if I asked. 

His endless patience

In dealing 

with the little ones 

as he accompanies

a sad four-year-old to class

Or listens to a six-year-old read. 

His huge love

how he bounds across the room

or walks the hall endlessly

with a kid who is 

frustrated or broken-hearted.

He just knows who needs him. 

Soon Rooney

will leave me.

But really he won’t.

I’ve got Rooney 

all over me. 

© Carol Wilcox, 2021


Cathy said...

It sounds like Rooney has found a place deep in your heart. You'll have Rooney all over you, for sure. These poems have been a delight. Congrats on a month of poetry (and wonderful story)! As I was reading your final poem, I was struck by how well you know Rooney. From metal bleacher preferences to ear infections to the moments he tries to keep himself together, you have him figured out. I had to wonder what Rooney would say if he wrote these poems. I have a feeling he knows you as well as you know him. I think he'll carry you with him wherever he goes.

And out of curiosity, will these poems travel with him? It seems they would help a new owner to learn so much about this amazing dog.

Linda B said...

This is so poignant, Carol. Your repetition of "I've got Rooney all over me" is brilliant, something I imagine so many dog owners will connect to. I hope you send this to be published in some pet magazine. I have loved reading all about Rooney this month!

Carol Varsalona said...

Rooney is a magical dog for humans who understands, cares, and carries out his mission. You depicted him to be a superior service dog, Carol. I am sure you will miss him because you got him all over you.

Jean said...

Thank you for sharing Rooney with us! I am already heartbroken,
yet uplifted. Thank you also for reaching hard to write every day. Wonderful, inspirational poetry.

Ramona said...

Oh, Rooney, what a ride we've had with you this month! Thanks, Carol, for sharing Rooney poems with us all month long. I love his work with your students. He will be missed by so many, but will linger in so many hearts forever.