Sunday, April 11, 2021

Poem #11: Allergies

Rooney has had ear infections since I got him. Dr. Fordham, who is my nominee for world's best vet, believes the infections are a result of food allergies. We've changed his food several times, and he now eats Royal Canin Sweet Potato and Duck. Any time he gets anything else, though, he almost immediately gets an ear infection. 

The form I tried today was a Shardorma, a six-line poem with 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllable pattern. Actually one
shardorma wasn't enough to tell this story, so I stacked three on top of each other. Not sure I am allowed to do that, but I did it anyway.

     Rooney, September, 2019


Mama notices

I scratch at my ears


They are red.

Vet suspects food allergies,

Probably chicken.

Vet prescribes

Special food and drops.

Drops smell bad.

They are cold.

I hide when Mama gets them out.

Leave my ears alone!

Other dogs get 

hot dogs, cheese, fish bites.

I get kibble.

Only kibble. 

I want special goodies too.

Stupid allergies!


Mary Lee said...

Our cat Hem can relate! Not to ear infections, but to the necessity for special food. Hem does get small bites of deli turkey to distract him while he's being groomed, so at least he has that (and we get the bill for the $$$ food!!!)

Ramona said...

Oh, Rooney, this is not fair.