Wednesday, March 6, 2019

SLICE #6- Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday.
And I have to admit,
I have not been all that excited about it.
It's a big one.
A really big one.
Six decades.
I'm feeling really old.
And more than a little bit un-special.

But it was a nice day.
Both of my sisters and my brother-in-law texted me this morning.
As did a couple of friends.
My mom sent an absolutely beautiful bouquet of flowers.

And my work family celebrated big time.
Somehow, despite staggered lunches,
and the ongoing craziness of life in schools
they all managed to gather in the library
to surprise me at lunch time
We had yummy lemon cake
And they just generally made me feel
all around special

At the end of the day
all seventy of our sixth graders
and the best ever sixth grade team
crowded into my classroom
to sing happy birthday
and give me a group card
they had made
and I felt really loved

even though i had to stay until after seven
for the principal selection committee
it was a really lovely day

that said, it would have been a little bit lovelier
if either of my two sons
had even bothered to wish me
happy birthday


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your sisters and work with some great people. It's hard though when the ones you want to reach out don't. I'm sorry about that. I hope they do soon.

Ramona said...

Those stinkers! I like to think that when you got home, they had a surprise waiting, but who knows? You had a busy day, but lots of birthday fun! Between colleagues, students, siblings and your mom, they managed to make this unexciting birthday something special!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Happy birthday Carol! It sounds like a lovely day in so many ways. I'm sorry it wasn't on your sons' radars. It is hard.

Tabatha said...

Hey, you and I share a birthday!!! Happy belated birthday :-) So glad that you had a delicious cake and flowers and song. You deserve a wonderful year! 🎈🎂