Friday, March 8, 2019

SLICE #8- Unforgettable

Eight o'clock on Thursday morning.  I am walking by the office when the secretary asks if I can run something upstairs for her.

As soon as I open the door, V makes eye contact.

"I need to talk to you, miss," she says. V is not a kid who I would ever describe as especially connected to me. She is an English Language Learner, and talks more easily to my partner, the Spanish Language Arts teacher. And she definitely does not think teachers, and especially an old lady teacher, are all that cool.  I am surprised she wants to talk to me.

The class is preparing to take a math exam and the teacher shoots V, and then me, a look. V ignores it, and flies across the room. Her friend S is not far behind.

"I finished that book, miss. Wait, I'm going to get it out of my locker."

I think of the math teacher's look. "You can give it to me this afternoon," I said, "Or give it to S, remember, she said she wants to read it."

"No," she says, "I have to show you something. Right now," she insists.

I wonder what could possible be so urgent. V rummages in the bottom of her locker, and comes up with THE PRINCE AND THE DRESSMAKER.

"Look," she says, flipping to the back cover. "There's another one. I want to read it. Do you have it?"

I look at the book. "IN REAL LIFE. I don't think we do. Do you want me to buy it?"

"Can you do it today?" she says urgently.

"I'll go do it right now," I tell her. "Now go back in there and take your math test."

"You won't forget?" she says.

"I won't forget."

How could I ever forget a kid who doesn't like to read finding a book she loves?

Unforgettable, in my mind.


Diane Anderson said...

Unforgettable, all that urgency!

Carol Varsalona said...

Carol, I do so love to read stories like yours of children engaged by the act of reading. You must have been overjoyed by what she said. Have a great weekend.

Amy Rudd said...

What a winner! I love knowing when a reader has been connected to a book and has a champion willing to bring more!
Mic drop!

Tamara said...

Those are the best moments—when a kid really connects with a story. Reading this just made my heart so happy! And I do love the way you tell a story.

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Oh I love this, and I want to run my copy right over to her right now! I have NEVER said no to a request to buy a book. This is wonderful.