Friday, March 29, 2019


So today is Friday.

And Friday means poetry.

Poetry Friday.

A group of people get together on the internet and post poems.

Some poets who actually have published entire books.

Some poets who have published poems.

Some people who just like poetry.

And some slicers.

Today, I just happened to be the host of Poetry Friday.

Which means I put up a post last night and everyone shared their poems.

It's the host's responsibility to "round them up."

A lot of hosts use a widget called Mr. Linky.

The host puts the widget on their blog.

And then whenever anyone contributes, they click on a button, and their link is automatically posted.

And it's very slick, and quick.

Every time I host, usually about twice a year, I tell myself I am going to learn to use Mr. Linky.

But I still haven't done it.

Yesterday, I actually paid for a Mr. Linky platinum membership. $20 a year.

If you have a platinum membership, you can use the help desk.

Which I definitely need.

But I still haven't figured out Mr. Linky.

And so I spent about six hours today reading everyone's posts, and commenting, and then creating my own "Ms. Linky" post, with hand copied links.

I loved reading the posts.

People have really creative ideas for National Poetry Month.

And people share really wonderful original poetry, or just poetry they love.

You really should check out the Roundup.

There's some great stuff there.

And everyone needs a little poetry in their lives!


Ruth said...

Thanks for what you did! I still haven't had the nerve to volunteer to host!

Tabatha said...

I can help you use it next time, Carol. Just give me a heads up and I can talk you through it xo