Wednesday, March 13, 2019

SLICE #13- In which the fence falls down

Bombcyclone 2019 arrived around 9:30, pretty much exactly on schedule.

(Fellow Colorado Tamara Jaimes has a great description of the blizzard at her blog, The Loyal Heretic).

A friend and I had planned to go to dinner tonight, so we decided last night,  that if we woke up and the weather wasn't too bad, we would go to breakfast instead. She texted me at 8:30. At that point it was raining, and breakfast seemed like a good idea.

The snow arrived while we were at the restaurant. We finished our breakfast, I went to the grocery store, and the post office to mail a birthday card, and then I went home.

My son had gotten off early and was waiting for me.

"Our fence fell down," he said.

"What are you talking about?"

"The fence fell down."

"The fence fell down?" I said dumbly, following him to the backyard.

And sure enough, our entire back fence, about 30 feet, was laying flat in the alley, a victim, I guess, of the blizzards winds.

I was more than a little surprised. Aside from a balky gate latch, our fence seemed fine. It was not that old. It did not seem wobbly.

But there it was, laying in the alley.

Which presents a problem on several different levels.

Number one, we are blocking the alley. Our alley is not that wide. I do not think our neighbors are going to love us.

Number two, Star likes to hang out in the backyard. And even though she is old and creaky, I don't totally trust her not to wander off down the alley, in search of foxes or raccoons, or Big Mac wrappers.

And so every time she wanted to go outside today, blizzard or not, I went outside too.

Late this afternoon, I got hold of a handyman. He'll come tomorrow and look at the fence, but I think it will be a few days before the snow melts enough so he can work on it.

I'm thinking, then, that I will be spending quite a bit of time hanging out in the backyard, with my good friend Star, for the next few days.

She really likes it out there.


Elisabeth Ellington said...

Oh my! We had a blizzard warning but got only a dusting. Apparently we are in a little circle of calm because everyone around us got plenty of snow. I was just looking at photos of Denver and Colorado. Hope your fence is back up soon just for Star's sake!

Ramona said...

Oh, what a morning! You wonder how these places stay in business. Customer service doesn't seem to be part of their mission statement. You amazed me with your tenacity at this task.