Tuesday, March 12, 2019


At 8:00 tonight I drive home from Spanish class.

The temperature in my car registers 55 degrees.

It seems almost impossible, then, that tomorrow has already been declared a snow day.

A Snow Day?


It's true!

It's supposed to start raining sometime tonight,

and then sometime in the morning,

it will start to snow

and we will have up to eight inches

and lots and lots and lots of wind.

And the crazy thing is that my school district,

that almost never closes

had announced by 4:30

that we would not be open today

(along with almost 400 other schools and business in the area).

And I'm imagining

sleeping past 4 a.m.

and cleaning a little

and catching up on my grading

and maybe baking cookies

and writing my slice before 9:40 p.m..

A snow day.

Such an unexpected treat!


Carol Varsalona said...

Snow days are always a treat, Carol. Have you read Lester Laminack's book, "Snow Days". It is visually captivating and the end is quite funny.

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Yes, we have a snow day here.... and no snow! At least not yet, and it's nearly noon. Both today AND tomorrow have been canceled for snow days! Not that I am complaining.... But school is never closed here, even when there are piles of snow. So I'm a bit confused about closing so many hours before snow begins (assuming it's coming). Still, I will enjoy the day--I have plans to make soup and bake banana bread, and certainly there will be a Marathon Monopoly game in my future!

Ramona said...

Oh, Carol, so excited for your snow day. I have to admit that my snow days this year were complicated by having hubby home who thinks of a snow day as a time to tackle "our" (his) to do list! Hope your day's been productive and relaxing too!