Saturday, March 9, 2019

SLICE #9- I Wish You More

Approximately 29 years ago, on a rainy September afternoon, I left my classroom as soon as the school day ended, and drove 70 miles south, through a downpour, to meet my niece, Megan Elizabeth. For five months, my sister had believed she was having a boy. When Megan arrived with a head of spiky black hair, and huge black eyes, the nurse commented, "He's so cute!"

"Yes," said the doctor. "Except he is a she."

I held her that day, and have held her a million times since, both literally and figuratively. We have read thousands of stories. I've dressed American girl dolls and been her partner in water ballet in swimming pools all over the United States. I've traveled with her and her family to Disneyland and Grand Cayman. I've cheered at her graduations, and prayed for her as she struggled through eating disorders.

Megan's grown up to be a pretty remarkable young woman. She graduated first in the Business College at Baylor, and has gone on to work in the IT field, where she currently makes three times as much as I do, with a Ph.D. and after 35 years in education.

This morning, I left Denver and drove that same 70 miles to celebrate my niece again. She's married now and is expecting her first baby, a boy, Jackson, in late May. My sister hosted a shower today. Megan's absolutely beautiful, with her six month baby belly. It was fun to see Megs in her new roles as wife and mother.

I, of course, once again took on my role as the book auntie. I bought a bassinet, because that was something she had asked for on her registry, but I also filled a box with picture books- I WISH YOU MORE, THERE'S A BIRD ON MY HEAD, IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE, HOP ON POP, A PARADE OF ELEPHANTS- and about 25 board books. My nephew lugged them into the shower for me. I wanted to offer meal time entertainment, a read aloud of I WISH YOU MORE, but that seemed a little presumptuous.

Even though I didn't read it aloud, I really do wish Megs and her husband, and her sweet baby, Jackson, more.

A whole lot more.


Heidi said...

This slice is beautiful. You lovingly describe your relationship with your niece - how cherished she is.

Ramona said...

What fun to read of the years spent loving Megan. And now you'll be a great aunt! I think you really should have read aloud More. Lucky boy to be getting the bassinet and the books!

Chris said...

So exciting for your family to be welcoming a new baby. You picked the best books!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful start of a home library for your niece's family. Way to go aunt!!