Sunday, March 17, 2019


I inherited my love of stories, I think, from my mom.

She's an avid reader, and I spent many nights, snuggled up in her bed, reading. At 85, she still reads three or four books a week, and belongs to two book clubs.

She and I also love the theater.  For the past several years, we have had season tickets to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

About once a month, I drive 65 miles south and pick up my mom. We drive back to Denver and check into a hotel. We go out for dinner, and then we go to the theater

Well, actually, it's not quite that simple. We drive to the theater parking garage. My mom uses a walker, so she has a handicapped parking pass, but there are almost never any handicapped spaces, even though we usually get there over an hour early. The parking lot, and the sidewalks, and the entryways to the theater are always really uneven, and I am always terrified that my mom will fall. She always does fine, but I always worry.

Last night we parked on the top level, but not too far from the elevator. We rode an elevator to the theater level, walked up a bumpy ramp, and went through security, then walked another half block back the same way we had just come, went down a level on the elevator and found our seats.

Last night we saw, "The Play That Goes Wrong." Neither of us knew anything about it, and truthfully, neither of us was that excited about it, but it ended up being super funny and we had a good time.

Afterwards, my mom rode the elevator and I sprinted up the stairs to meet her. Then we went back out the doors, down the bumpy ramp, and waited ten or fifteen minutes in line for an elevator to the seventh level. We found our car and made it out of the garage and back to the hotel in about 30 minutes.

This morning, we had breakfast and I took my mom back to Colorado Springs, and then came back to Denver.

With a  heart full of stories.

And full of memories of good times with my mom.


aggiekesler said...

I love that you spend so much quality time with your mom. I'm sure she loves it, too.

LSquared said...

Your time with mom is precious. I spend a great deal of time with mine since she moved into my home.
I particularly like your Kate di Camillo quote on your blog dashboard.

Andrea said...

That play is hilarious! My husband and I saw it this year in Austin, and we laughed so, so hard. We laughed the whole time. Such a good show.

Celia Fisher said...

What a lovely evening you had, beautifully described. There's nothing like a love of reading to link up people!

Ramona said...

Such a wonderful slice! (I wish it weren't so hard to get her there though.) You and she are troopers for pressing on in spite of the challenges. And these words make my heart happy:
"With a heart full of stories.
And full of memories of good times with my mom."
So glad she passed along her love of stories to you.
So glad we got to share in this evening with the two of you.

Elisabeth Ellington said...

I love going to the theater but rarely go as I'm the only one in my family who enjoys it. Sometimes when I travel for a conference, I will treat myself to a play. I love that this is something you do regularly with your mother.

Liftplus said...

Thanks for sharing, it was interesting to read!