Thursday, April 4, 2013

Poem #4- Shhh…

 Wikimedia Commons: Le Silence by Antoine-Augustin Préault

Still trying to participate in Mary Lee's Common Inspiration- Uncommon Creations. This is poem #4.

Let us not speak 
of  pools at summer's end
dropped ice cream cones
jeans that used to fit.
Neither will we speak of
birthday cards not mailed
library books overdue
friendships left untended.

And of course there will be no talk of
toddlers now adults
nests that echo emptiness
forgetful parents

And please do not bring up
Bubbles burst
Broken promises
Dashed dreams.

We will not speak of these.

(c) Carol Wilcox, 2013


Linda B said...

Oh, it reminds me of my goodbye poems, & of all the ones I'm always looking for, Carol-nostalgic, but also celebratory of what has passed. I love the 'Shhhh...'

Mary Lee said...

Lovely. Yes, Linda, "nostalgic." I also got a definite "wistful." But it's comforting in a way. I feel like I've been sobbing and someone is comforting me, "Shh...quiet now, let it go, we just won't talk about will be all right...shhh..."