Sunday, April 21, 2013

Poem #21- A Rubik's Cube Kind of Life

Image by Silver Spoon, found by Mary Lee at Wikimedia Commons
I'm participating in Mary Lee's Common Inspiration- Uncommon Creations Challenge this month.

"A Rubik's Cube Kind of Life"

The Rubik's cube,
Those six faces
red, yellow, blue,
green, white, orange,
a twist, a turn, a spin,
in the hands of some 
the faces magically align.

In my hands
that crazy cube
doesn't quite work that way
I twist one way
sure that that will make a color align
but then another color
is misaligned
and I make one more twist
sure that I will create perfection
and then two faces are misaligned.

Sometimes life
is a lot like a Rubik's cube
All those facets-
family, friends, finances,
job, house, God--
And I think if I just make one shift,
if I just get up half hour earlier,
or spend $20 less here or there,
or pray a little harder
just that one twist
and all of the faces will align.

Except they never do.

(c) Carol Wilcox, 2013

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