Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Robin in winter, Wikimedia Commons
Mary Lee used an audio file of birds singing for the prompt on her poetry challenge, Common Inspiration, Uncommon Creations today. Not too many birds singing in Denver, where we woke to  20 degree temperatures and six inches of new snow. I was facilitating PD all day and looked up to see a lone robin huddled on a tree outside of the classroom. A crazy busy day, so I'm taking Mary Lee's advice, "There's always haiku!"

frigid april morning
red breasted robin huddles
saving songs for spring

busy shovels throw
piles of wet slushy snow
no bird songs today

Hey Mr. Redbreast
ignore this swirling gray whiteness
sing your song of spring

welcome mr. robin
glad you brought your own sunshine
to this cloudy day

Three April blizzards
long to listen to bird songs
not  clanking shovels

Mr. Weatherman
we should be planting flowers
not shoveling snow

One more blizzard then
we shut the door on winter
and welcome bird's song

Bird choir ignores
howling April blizzard to
sing spring opera.

April showers bring
May flowers, April blizzards
bring grumpy poets


Linda B said...

Carol, I think when she said "there's always haiku" she meant one! You told the whole story of today, and then this evening, cold, but the moon is out! (I had a late meeting). I love each part, that "shovels clanking". I am tired of cleaning off my car! And the picture you found is just right. Sweet dreams of warmth!

Ramona said...

So creative, Carol! Your last one made me smile.

Mary Lee said...

Exactly, Linda!! ONE haiku is taking a break, not NINE!!

(But I love your story!!)