Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Mary Lee had an amazing surfing picture that she found on Wikimedia Commons.
I couldn't find that one (the Wikimedia site is huge and a little overwhelming)
so I found another surfing picture.

I really am committed (or trying to be committed, or kind of committed) to writing a poem every day. And I'm enjoying writing on the Year of Reading website, mostly because of the community that's developing. We had a snow day today, so I thought I'd have lots of time to write great poems, but I  didn't get very far.  I'm posting these only to prove that I wrote.


It takes
a lot of brave
to fling oneself
on the mercy
of those
body- crashing


Ride a wave,
That's my fave!

Wanna hang ten?
Just tell me when.

Gotta straddle
Then you paddle.

The perfect time
You must divine.

Have to wait
But can't be late.

From belly to knees
Then stand up please.

To find your balance
Can be a challenge.

Hit your stride
And Take a ride.

To the shore
Then back for more.

Ride a wave?
Must be brave!
(or maybe a little stupid!)



Linda B said...

I admit, I like the second one best! There was a trip to San Francisco taken once when we actually heard a 'dude' yell to friends, "surf's up!". That is a world I guess I will never know. Great to try Carol. I didn't even do that.

Michelle said...

Stop saying your poetry is BAD! It's not - poetry comes in all shapes and sizes. And you are not getting graded! (I personally liked the first poem.) I admire that you are writing poetry every day this month. But here is what I'm learning from your commitment and your process: There is inspiration all around us. Some days it's right there to grab. Some days we have to search it out. Some days the 'common inspiration' isn't for everybody! You have to be passionate about what you write about - you aren't passionate about surfing and that's okay. It's what we teach our students, right? Write what you know and love. The words are there - just have fun with it. :) I'm enjoying your efforts!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

I just came over from Mary Lee's blog and wanted to say how much I fell in love with your poem "Closer"...and then to read these two rather more lighthearted poems! Yo are so versatile and talented, Carol!

Laura Solis said...

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