Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Mary Lee posted yet another amazing video. I can't get it to load here so go there and take a look.

Feel like I should say just a little about where this poem came from. Think it’s really kind of a found poem. After I saw Mary Lee’s post yesterday morning, and read her fabulous poem (Really want to know how she says SOOO MUCH in so few words), I went to Wikipedia to read about Ghost Dances. That article connected me to an article about the Wokova, the Medicine Man who introduced the Ghost Dance to his people.

The article was pretty long. Sometimes when I want to read a Wikipedia article, I will copy it and paste it into a Word document. That’s what I did with this one, and then I just started cutting out words I didn’t want. At the same time, I went and watched Laura Purdie Salas’ video. She’s talking about a new technique every day. Yesterday was repeating lines.  I decided to try to work that into my poem as well.

I had a super full day yesterday, and didn’t get back to the poem until after ten last night. I have committed to write a poem a day for the month (which may kill me) and I really want to see if I can pull it off. Finished this one at 11:45.

“Ghost Dance”

And God said to
you must tell your people
work hard,
love each other,
live in peace 
with your white brother.
And God gave Wovoka
the Ghost Dance

dance dance dance
dance for peace
dance for love
dance for unity
dance dance dance

But the white brother
Does not know this dance
Of peace and love and unity
White brother confines
Wovoka’s people
to land
too hot and dry to farm
sends Wovoka's children 
away to learn
white brother's  rules
Ache in the belly deep
Ache in the heart still deeper.

dance dance dance
dance for peace
dance for love
dance for unity
dance dance dance

Wovoka’s people dance.
Whiteman says stop.
Wovoka’s people dance.
White man is afraid
And there is a massacre.
The chief- Sitting Bull.
153 of Wovoka’s people
most women and children
all killed.

            And Wovoka’s people
do not dance
any more.


Mary Lee said...


Linda B said...

I just got to this, Carol. I did some research too. I've often heard of the ghost dance, but didn't understand its import. I like how you wove the story in with the video, & you were personal with the details.

Shannon Mashinchi said...

Wow, Carol...this one seared right to my soul...I love it! Amazing!

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Cathy said...

Moving. Loved this repetitive stanza:

dance dance dance
dance for peace
dance for love
dance for unity
dance dance dance

You continue to make me stop and ponder.