Sunday, April 28, 2013


Photos by Gideon Pisanty (Gidip), selected by Mary Lee Hahn from Wikimedia Commons
I'm participating in a poetry challenge, Common Inspiration- Uncommon Creations, over at Year of Reading. Today's prompt was a series of five pictures of a bee gathering nectar. As always, Mary Lee and friends have produced some really terrific poems, so be sure to go and check them out.

As for me, I'm pretty much feeling like I've worn out my poetry brain. I did a little research about honey bees then wrote an abecedarian.

"ABC's of Honeybees"

Apian adventurers
busily buzzing
ceaselessly collecting
diving and delving
ever exploring
fragrant flowers
grubbing in gardens
hoping honey's
ingredients are inside.

joyfully journeying
keenly kavorting
looking leads to
miraculous meadow of
neverending nectar

obviously the only option is to
pull from petals make
ready for recycling
suck into second stomach
through tubular tongue
unload and use
working wings to dehydrate
extract any extras


1 comment:

Linda B said...

Love this, Carol. You either know a lot already or have done your homework about bees. I love the sound of it, but also "make ready for recycling"-exactly right. Why don't we all take a note from the bees?