Monday, April 1, 2013

Dabbling in Poetry

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So I just finished slicing for 31 days straight. And trying to keep up with writing every day, and commenting on other people's writing, well, I'm just a teeny bit tired. Nevertheless, April IS National Poetry Month.  And I really do love poetry. I'm definitely more of a reader of poetry than a writer. When I do write, it's almost always free verse, quickly written, with little crafting or shaping of language. 

But I have this crazy friend, Mary Lee. And she is a real poet. If you don't believe me, go to Gotta Book and read her "Green Door" which Greg Pincus chose as the opening poem for his 30 poems in 30 days. Or read "On the Eve of the Equinox" that she wrote for March Madness.  That gal can write her some poems. 

On her blog, Year of Reading, she is doing a month long project "Common Inspiration, Uncommon Creations." And this morning she selected a picture of a very strange bee-eating bird, and wrote an amazing poem. And so of course I had to give it a try. I wrote the first one this morning, then messed around some more and wrote the second one tonight.

 "European Bee Eaters"
Complainers don't like 'em
But when you pull the stingers out
They are actually
quite tasty.

"European Bee-Eaters"

Not for us
dull sparrow brown
gloss raven black
or even blue of jay.

Not for us
a shallow scrape
a rocky ledge
a woven crescent cup. 

Not for us
chill rain or breeze
a narrow range
still solitude. 

Not for us
those wriggly worms
the crunch of seeds
sweet meat of fruit.

We prefer
an adventurous life-
mixed colors bright
migration wide
deep tunnels homes
companions close
and bees
to please our palates.

Carol Wilcox
(c) 2013


And then I'm still messing around with this one, that I started a week or so ago, during the Slice of Life Challenge.
Hey you
yellow cups
of joy juice
I swallow
big gulps
of your promise
of spring


Linda B said...

Carol, these are beautiful. The 2nd 'bee-eaters' is clever & poetic, & the daffodils, 'yellow cups of joy juice'. Terrific. I think you've been reading Mary Lee a bunch!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said... did an awesome job, Carol....just stunning. You and Mary Lee and others in our Poetry Friday circle are just so amazingly talented. Some day, I may venture into the world of poetry myself....someday....

Beverley Baird said...

Such sweet poems - you respond so well in verse to these prompts.

Cathy said...

You have such a way with words. I enjoyed your poems when I stopped by Mary Lee's blog. Isn't it an interesting idea she has? I have been pondering her fire breathing picture all day, but have to say the poem hasn't come to me yet.

Your daffodil poem makes me hope spring will arrive soon. My favorite line(s):

of your promise
of spring

I hope you'll keep writing your poems. I think they're full of craft. I look forward to reading more this month.


Carol said...

Thanks, Cathy, for your very kind words! I think you have a way with words too! And you can make them rhyme! Which I have never been able to do. I loved the April Fool's poem (even if I do just a tiny bit hate April Fool's Day), and also the "Science?" poem today.

Mary Lee said...

So proud to be the crazy friend of an AMAZING writer and teacher. You can tell stories like nobody else. Maybe we should collaborate on an anthology of stories and poems? Instead of divide and conquer...HEY! My prompt today is around the idea of COLLABORATION! BOO-YAH!!

Carol said...

Mary Lee,
With you?


P.S. Does this mean I have to write more poems?