Monday, March 6, 2017


He started today.
Another new job. 
The fourth? fifth? sixth? 
OK, I actually don't know how many this year. 
Mostly car related. 
Usually they last a month or two,
and then something happens. 
The road to adulthood
has been more than a little bumpy. 

But today he started again.
Detailing at a car dealership.
A job he found on the internet. 
I send a text before he starts, 
Wishing him luck. 
He comes back, "Thanks."
I send up a prayer. 
That the job will be a good fit. 
That he will like it. 
That he will be surrounded by good people. 
That there will be room to grow. 
That he will stay. 

At noon, I text again.
"Thinking of you. 
Hope it's going well."
He does not answer.
I did not expect that he would.

I call around 7.
He tells me had a good day,
That he detailed,
but also did other things. 
That they ordered him a uniform. 
That he thinks it is the best job
he has ever had. 
He sounds happy. 

And I pray that this job will last. 


Linda B said...

We are always hopeful for our kids, even the old ones, Carol. Best wishes for your son and his new job!

Unknown said...

Praying that this job lasts too! Not all our roads to adulthood are as smooth as others and that's okay. Perhaps a good first day is a positive sign! Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

It can be so hard watching our kids find their way in the world. Hope this job works for him!

Cathy said...

I have theee twenty somethings and agree the road can be bumpy. Hoping this job works out well.