Thursday, March 30, 2017

SLICE #30- Wonder Woman Strikes Again

My teaching friend, Kathy, and I have a running joke.
We call ourselves the Wonder Women.
No, not Wonder Woman like you traditionally think of.
Not the one with the long black curls, red bodice,
and blue and white starred swimsuit bottoms.
Not that one.

We call ourselves the Wonder Women,
because we spend a huge part
of our teaching and personal lives
 wondering where we put things.

I wonder where I put my keys.
Kathy wonders where she put the piece of paper with last unit's math scores.
I wonder where I put the reading data I just printed out.
Kathy wonders where she put a gift card someone gave her.

We wonder on and on and on.

Take today for instance.
I had lunch with a friend, then dashed across town to renew my license plates.
I knew the little one inch by one inch sticker is really easy to lose,
so I stuck it on license plate the minute I walked out of the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Done and done.
One more thing off of my spring break list.

And then I came home.
And remembered that my son's license plates were also due in March.
The thing is, I would swear I already renewed his plates.
I thought I did it online.
I thought the envelope came in the mail.
And I gave the sticker to him
and told him to put it on.
He swears it didn't happen.
That I never gave him an envelope.

And so I went through the stack of bills
where I found my renewal notice.
His renewal wasn't there.
I have no idea where it is.
And of course it has to be done by tomorrow.
So that means I have to go back to the license plate bureau
and try to figure it out.

Wonder Woman strikes again.


Diane Anderson said...

Well, if it didn't cause such a hassle, it would be funny. Good luck tomorrow!

Ramona said...

Oh, I love this new interpretation of Wonder Woman. I wonder on and on and on too. Right now it's my misplaced car keys. I think your rescue of son who never put the sticker on the car is an excellent example of Super Mom. Wonder Woman and Super Mom, a mighty duo!

Linda B said...

Well, at least you've figured out that you need to figure it out - ha! So nice to visit a little today, and best tomorrow to Un-mix everything.

elsie said...

Hope the issue of the license is solved by this point. Although knowing those offices, I doubt it. I love your interpretation of wonder woman. I may have to adopt that title too.