Thursday, March 2, 2017


We said goodbye to another family yesterday.

A mom.

Always smiling.

Kind words.


Eighth grade girl.

Dyed red hair reaching to her waist.

Had just tried out for the soccer team.

Tiny third grade boy.

Timid smile.

Sweet spirit.

So quiet.

They left last night.

Headed back across the border.

Too afraid to stay.


Shari Daniels said...

Oh, this makes me so sad. :-(

Michelle said...

Heartbreaking. Just unbelievably heart wrenching. Prayers for you and the family, Carol.

Krista said...

Oh! This breaks my heart.... and it's a scene we're seeing played out every day. Prayers for us all, but especially for these families.

Chris said...

Oh Carol, we've had a few families leave for Mexico as well. No chance for goodbye. Heartbreaking.

Karen said...

Carol - This breaks my heart. This is not the country I know and love. Prayers for them and all the others like them, living in fear.

Linda B said...

Trying to catch up with some posts. I'm so sorry, Carol. What a tragedy has been made in our country.

Elisa said...

So sorry to read this. So many sad stories. We have to gather these up and take action, however small, however seemingly insignificant. Thinking of you.

Michelle Li said...

Thanks for capturing this story through your poem. These stories need to be told. I heard a segment of This American Life today on this very topic.