Tuesday, March 28, 2017

SLICE #28- Manhood stalled

Son #2.
Physically built.
Athletically talented.

And really struggling right now.

He gets up about ten.
Plays video games.
Waits for his brother to get home.
Indulges in his favorite Colorado habit.
Plays more video games.
Goes to bed.

He's had I don't know how many different jobs.
And usually lasts about a week.
He's tried two different junior colleges.
And motorcycle mechanic classes.
He says he is going to the military.
But they haven't called him back.
Or responded to his emails.

I've tried talking to him.
I have threatened eviction.

I do not know how to parent this 21-year-old child
who does not seem
to be taking any steps
toward manhood.


Tammy said...

Your title says so much about your post. I am feeling your frustration for how to help him through the careful words you have chosen. hang in there.

GirlGriot said...

Wow, that's hard. As a childless woman who has barely managed to learn to parent her cats, I have no advice, but just wanted to say this is a powerful slice. So brief, but so much expressed. The use of "Colorado habit" is so good.

I'm wishing you and your son good luck!

Unknown said...

First of all, your poetic structure is wonderful. I love how you open the poem with all of the wonderful things about your son. It makes the rest of the poem more poignant. I too can feel your frustration. Your heart is wrapped up in your son's happiness, as it is for all moms. I was doing a Bible study this week that talked about the in-between times and how we handle them. It looks like you're in one of those; just keep loving him.

Elisabeth Ellington said...

I do love this piece--the structure makes the words extra powerful. We get such a picture here of your son, so many fine qualities, so much going for him, and so stuck. Growing up is hard; growing up from trauma is extra hard.

Linda B said...

I'm sad for him, and you, too, Carol. He is stuck, and I wish I knew some magic spell to share with you. It is hard to see one's child suffering and not know how to fix the problem, because all mothers want to help. Hugs to you.