Sunday, March 19, 2017

SLICE 19- Keeping the salad with chicken factory in business

Every Sunday, I go to Colorado Springs to spend the day with my mom.

We clean a little, do a little shopping, pay a few bills, and go out to lunch.

Lunch is always the big dilemma.

"Where do you want to go for lunch?" she asks.

"I don't care. Where do you want to go for lunch?"

We go back and forth two or three times. And then I remind my mom that it really doesn't matter, because wherever we go, chances are good that I will have a salad with chicken on it.

And I have decided that there is a universal "salad with chicken" factory located somewhere in the world. This factory acts as a supplier and churns out salads with chicken for every restaurant in the world.

There are several variations, but they are basically "salads with chicken" are the same wherever we go:

1) Chicken Caesar Salad- lettuce, chicken, croutons, shaved parmesan cheese, caesar salad dressing.

2) Barbecue Chicken Salad- lettuce, chicken with barbecue sauce, something crunchy (like tortilla strips), black beans, corn, sometimes jicama, ranch dressing.

3) Chicken Cobb Salad- lettuce, chicken, bleu cheese, and I don't know what else. I don't like bleu cheese so I  stop reading right there.

4) Oriental (sometimes called Asian) Chicken Salad- lettuce, chicken, mandarin oranges, pineapple, something crunchy- sometimes it's  wonton strips, sometimes it's chow mein noodles, dressing

5) Fried Chicken Salad- lettuce, fried/breaded chicken, cheese, eggs, ranch dressing- I don't know what else because I don't ever have this one either.  The Fried Chicken and cheese are too many Weight Watchers points. I might as well have a burger, which would taste better anyway.

6) Mexican Chicken Salad- Lettuce, chicken flavored with taco seasoning, salsa, sometimes sour cream and sometimes guacamole, corn, something crunchy, usually corn chips, sometimes served in a taco shell bowl, which I usually try not to eat

Pretty much every week, I choose one of these (not Chicken Cobb because of the bleu cheese or Fried Chicken Salad because it has too much fat) Sometimes we go somewhere else; today, for instance, we went to a Mexican place and I had chicken fajitas, or every once in a while I break down and have a burger, and occasionally we have Italian or Chinese, but mostly I have a salad with chicken.

I want to make sure I am doing my part to help the salad with chicken factory stay in business. It's my civic responsibility.


Diane Anderson said...

It's funny, that universal "Where do you want to eat?" back and forth. And the chicken salad factory and your civic responsibility...that's hilarious!

Ramona said...

Glad you're doing your part for the salad with chicken factory. And also doing your part for those of us who need to be more aware of WW points. No matter which I choose, I always get the dressing on the side and use the "dip your fork in the dressing" trick.

Linda B said...

So funny, Carol. I don't go out very often, but often I choose one of the chicken salads, too. Thanks for sharing all the options you know!

elsie said...

Now, I would be having the Cobb salad because I love blue cheese. However, you are better at eating with points/calories in mind. Unfortunately, I'm not keeping the chicken salad company in business. Glad someone has their back.

Mary Lee said...

You crack me up. And you look GREAT, so I think you can lighten up on the Weight Watchers!!