Monday, March 13, 2017


Am I being 

a tiny bit ungrateful 

if I say 

I wish I lived on the East Coast this week?

They are supposed to have a blizzard.

We are having weather in the seventies all week 

and I'm a little jealous of my East Coast friends.

We haven't had one snow day this year.

Not one.

All this dry is making me worry 

about this summer.

It will be long and dry. 

And I worry about climate change.

But, selfishly I am also just longing for a snow day.

I love those days, 

once in a great while, 

when you wake up 

to a whirling winter wonderland.

And don't have to go anywhere.

I love making cookies.


Even cleaning.

And shoveling.

I love shoveling. 


on the eve 

of a string of seventy degree days

I am longing for a snow day. 


Ramona said...

Such a strange winter. Our incessant rain continues in the NW. I wish we could send you some in exchange for some 70 degree days. Wish you could partake of the "whirling winter wonderland."

Unknown said...

I just finished teaching piano. One of my students - who goes to school in Chicago instead of the suburbs - said he had a snow day today AND tomorrow! We only had about an inch out here today.....not enough to miss school.

GirlGriot said...

You're invited to enjoy our snowy Tuesday vicariously, Carol! I'm surprised to find that I'm looking forward to the storm, even if I wind up having to trek into work through it.

Dogtrax said...

I don't mind changing locations with you, Carol.

elsie said...

Sometimes you just need a snow day for sanity. I'm sorry you won't be getting one, but I'm thrilled we are not in the midst of a blizzard in March. I'll take my blizzard in December or January please.

Karen said...

I just realized we wished for, and wrote about the same thing yesterday. So funny!!

Amanda Regan said...

I loved your slice, but I have to admit I've been enjoying the spring weather we've been having and don't think I would want a snow day. I'm happy to be warm again. But a break? I could definitely use a break!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

I'm with you! I like winter to feel and look like winter. Amazingly, we've had 3 snow days this year--unheard of! (I don't ever recall a single snow day in the 9 yrs I've been teaching college.) And I've enjoyed every second of them!