Friday, March 17, 2017

SLICE #17- Puppy Watching

Sometimes when I can't stand life any more,
when I can't hear one more story about what is going on in Washington D.C.
when I have worried long enough about what I will be doing next year,
or whether my sons will ever be normal, functioning adults
I sneak away to go puppy watching. 
I don't sneak away physically.
I sneak away to an entirely different virtual reality. 
Warning: It's highly addictive)

The Warrior Canine Connection is a Maryland-based organization
that raises labs and golden retrievers
to act as service dogs 
for warriors with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. 

I've written about these guys before.
I stumbled across them in the summer of 2012
when my son had departed for his first year of college
and the Aurora theater shooting had just happened. 
My soul was deeply troubled
Just like it is right now

But there's something about watching puppies nursing



sleeping in a giant puppy pile

that soothes me. 

Right now, there is a litter 
of eight golden retrievers, 
four girls and four boys,
with a beautiful mama named Jessi

The puppies are about five weeks old.
They are already at least partly potty trained
they interact with puppy petting volunteers
of all ages several hours each day

they eat out of bowls
soon they will be named 
(the last few litters have been named after veterans)
go home with volunteer puppy parents
and spent two years learning
how to be service dogs. 
It's a hard job
and it seems like only about half actually make it. 
Others become therapy dogs
or family service dogs. 

I love watching them grow. 

There's just something soothing
and hopeful
about watching puppies. 


Linda B said...

I love that giant puppy pile. This is new to me, will look, Carol. Of course, I don't need more to do, but I get you about the stress from DC-awful! One of my son-in-law's employees trains a service dog, and loves doing it.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that is THE BEST! Thanks for sharing your secret retreat!

Ramona said...

I may have to go watch a bit, even though I'm a cat person and not a dog lover. Because heaven knows we can all use soothing and hopeful right now. Thanks for sharing the fun pics.

Michelle said...

Oh, I so want to check this out ... I will do so with the girls! It's nice to have a healthy, free distraction from the realities of this world. Hang in there, Carol! Watch MORE puppies!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Oh my, that's adorable! And so awesome that these puppies are being trained as service dogs. I'm going to have to check this out with my son (who likes puppies way more than I do!)

elsie said...

The best part of the puppy watching is there is no clean up on your end. How darling are they?

Karen said...

I did not know about this website - thanks so much for sharing it. We all need the place that soothes and calms us. I'm glad this is a place you can find comfort.