Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Photo by Raimond Spekking, from Wikimedia Commons
I'm participating in Mary Lee Hahn's April Poetry Challenge, "Our Wonderful World." I'm learning a lot! First, I have never heard of some of these wonders. Or I have heard of them, but didn't know a lot about them. Or I have heard of them, and knew something, but was totally surprised by the poem that showed up.

And then there is the deal of getting to write right alongside two amazingly talented poets. Mary Lee has such an amazing with way with words. And then every day, Kevin blows us away with a new and unusual presentation of poetry. And me, well, I just kind of klunk along, putting out my poems at ten o'clock every night. But at least I'm trying, right???

OK, so today's wonder is the Delta Works. Today, while I was proctoring our state's blessed event, I was thinking about tulips and windmills and how the windmills actually came from people's fear of flooding. I was thinking that I was going to write something really deep and profound.

And then I sat down at 8 to try and write. And there just were no poems. And I messed around with found poems and haiku and even considered trying Haiku Deck, but there just wasn't much there tonight.

Delta Works

Would you
flood insurance
if you knew
your belongings
would float

(c) Carol Wilcox, 2014


Mary Lee said...

HA! I guess paying taxes for the Delta Works would be considered flood insurance, wouldn't it? Their whole livelihood is predicated on flood insurance.

And tulips.

Dogtrax said...

I love this one. It has voice, sass and a wonderful flow to it. It's perfect in its length, too.

Linda B said...

Well, Carol, I think your 'klunking along" is quite good, and with this information, I would answer 'yes', a gift for the future? Well done in economy of words, great voice coming through!