Thursday, April 3, 2014


The Colosseum, photo by Paolo Costa Baldi, downloaded from Wikimedia Commons

My friend, poet extraordinaire, Mary Lee Hahn, is doing a series,  "Our Wonderful World" on her blog, YEAR OF READING. She's just launched a new poetry website, POETREPOSITORY and is cross posting her poems there. Each day, Mary Lee selects a different wonder for her former friends to write about. Today's wonder is the Colosseum.

"The Colosseum"

 in this ancient amphitheater
bloody power shows
maimed and killed
as unfeeling audience
cheered madly

the Colosseum 
is quiet now

but these same 
bloody battles 
are waged
in living rooms
and locker rooms
as  unfeeling audience
cheers madly

(c) Carol Wilcox, 2014

There are lots of other poetic happenings on the web this month.
Jama Rattigan has graciously compiled a terrific list on her blog HERE.

1 comment:

Mary Lee said...

This is the humbling history I wrote into my poem. Who better than a football mom to channel the violent sport that was conducted here? Well played.