Sunday, April 27, 2014


Sunrise at Twin Sisters, Leila N., from Wikimedia Commons
 I am participating in Mary Lee Hahn's Wonders of the World Poetry Challenge over at Year of Reading and at Mary Lee's new blog, Poetry Repository. Stop over and read Mary Lee's Sunrise poem, then swing by Kevin's Meandering Mind to read a sunrise/sunset mirror poem.

Today's wonder is sunrises. I inherited my dad's genes and morning is my favorite time of day. It's a holy time- the time I write, the time I pray and worship, the time I think. I started out writing a prayer poem, but it felt really hokey, and so I tried a second time. The metaphor that kept coming into my head was one of entering a theater, waiting for a play to begin. Not sure I quite got it, but here's today's draft.

"Sky Show"

each morning
I take my seat
for the show
theater is quiet

and then bird orchestra
peeps and cheeps
toward harmony

black fades to gray
and curtain begins to rise
burning orange yellow orb
tips horizon 
infusing pale gray cloud ceiling
with blue pink lavender
Creator's glory

yellow light
is dragged
into sky
show is over
and a new day

(C) Carol Wilcox, 2014


Mary Lee said...


It feels good to write in the morning, doesn't it! All these weeks of coming home after school to write the day's or the next day's poem have been hard.

But we're almost there!

I was channeling you and just finished up an abecedarian cake poem for tomorrow!

Tabatha said...

Lovely, Carol. Such peaceful, thankful imagery.