Sunday, April 13, 2014

POEM #13- Golden Gate Bridge

Photo by Anita Dikinme,  Wikimedia Commons

Not quite two weeks ago, Mary Lee Hahn launched a crazy poetry project, "Our Wonderful World." Kevin a.k.a dogtrax (who is a total techno-god and uses a different tool every day to not only create amazing poems, but also presents them in unusual and interesting ways that I so want to try if I survive this darn wonderful challenge) and I, and sometimes others, are trying to write along. Today's wonder is the Golden Gate Bridge. And like most other days, I was totally surprised by the poem, actually two poems, that I wrote.

I started here.


I’ve crossed the
Golden Gate
Tappan Zee
And Royal Gorge

But I can’t cross
(messing around later: I long for a bridge? Or There is no bridge/to cross?)
the chasm
me from you.

© Carol Wilcox 2014

And ended up here:


San Francisco
and Sausalito
separated by
fifty mile long
ocean arm

Engineers use
one million tons
of concrete
enough steel cable
to wrap round earth
three times
Twenty ton
steel beams

brutal winds,
tide and fog
loss of life
to construct
two mile long bridge
250 feet above
choppy bay waters

Building the Golden Gate
seems ever 
so much easier

than bridging
the chasm





© Carol Wilcox 2014


Mary Lee said...

I love them both -- the first concise, the second full of agonizing detail.

Mary Lee said...

PS -- I'm with you on all three accounts: Crazy, darn and wonderful!