Friday, April 25, 2014

Poem 10,025- Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, taken from a helicopter, by Ferdinand Reuss, from Wikimedia Commons
 "Victoria Falls"

All that water
booming, bouncing bounding down
chasm after chasm
Devils Cataract, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls,
Eastern Cataract
Finding way through
gorge after gorge
hurling, heaving, hurrying
ignoring invitation to meander
just rushing downward
keeping eternal appointment
leaping, listing, lurching

Mosi Oa Tunya-
natives called it, Smoke that Thunders
only Livingston thought it should be named after Victoria
Pulsing, pushing, pounding
Quickening, quivering
Rushing, running, racing
Spectacularly plunging over basalt lip
Thunder roars
Up ends lions hippos giraffes
Vines, ferns, palms abound in rainforest ecosystem
Wide river cascades over basalt lip
exploring options, 
yearning, yawning river

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Mary Lee said...

I detect a bit of hyperbole in the title of the post!!

I love this. It starts out sentence-flat and then tumbles into a fall of words.

PS -- thanks for posting that picture of Franki and me last Sunday. Just the push I needed. I went last night and got about 6 inches of hair cut off so I look like the girl in the picture again. What a relief. Goodbye long-long hair!