Friday, March 1, 2013

I'm a morning writer.
And so.
The first day of slicing.
I am up early.
Super early.
1:40, to be exact.
That's when Star,
my supposedly dieting dog,
 decided it was time for breakfast.
I got up.
Wanted to write something really brilliant.
A poem, that could do double duty for Poetry Friday
And my Slice of Life.
Roses are red
Violets are blue.
Some good friends are poets
I wish I was too!
I thought about six word memoirs.
Three weeks ago,
Kelly Gallagher shared some really great ones
at our state reading conference.
  • Never married. Doubly blessed adoptive mom. 
  • Forever sports mom, almost empty nester. 
  • Book in hand since age four. 
  • I've taught forever and a day.  
  • Literacy coach, love kindergarten to adults. 
  • Very definitely not a domestic goddess. 
  • Mom to obese, endlessly starved lab. 
  • Dream of fostering seeing eye puppies. 
  • Wanna be Spanish speaker.  ¿Habla espaƱol?
  • Should try internet dating. Too chicken. 
  • Need new hobby. Watercolors? Knitting? Swimming?
  • Boys almost gone. Find some more???

Or maybe me by the numbers--
  • 1959- the year I was born
  • 3- the number of girls in my birth family
  • 0- the number of boys in my birth family
  • 2- the number of Diet Cokes I drink every day
  • 6- the number of Diet Cokes I would drink every day if I didn't think I drink too much Diet Coke
  • 26- my oldest son's football jersey number (it seemed somehow significant that there are also 26 letters in the alphabet)
  • 15- my younger son's football and basketball jersey numbers
  • 5- the number of years I think I have been slicing (but it might be four!)
  • 50ish- the number of poetry books I read when I was a CYBILS poetry judge this year
  • 43- the page I'm on in GONE GIRL, my current adult read
  • 0400- the hour I usually write (Have I mentioned I am a morning writer?)
And then it was 6:30, and I needed to find an outfit to wear for School Mismatch Day.
And I still hadn't written my slice.
Today I did writing workshop with sixth grade, and fifth grade, and kindergarten.
Helped with crowd control at the school talent show
(I wanna know how some teachers get to sit on the stage and be judges and I end up in the balcony with the middle schoolers!)
Unloaded 40 boxes of snacks
from the back of my car.
And now it's 8:00 at night.
And I still haven't written my first slice.
Not really anyway.
Maybe tomorrow.
I'm actually a morning writer.


elsie said...

You did write a slice, but really it was more like three. Six word memoirs are hard. What a busy day you've had. At least tomorrow is Saturday, you can write in the morning. Rest up, this is going to be a wild month.

writekimwrite said...

This was fun to read and I agree with Elsie. So even though you are a morning writer your evening writing is quite ambitious!

Katherine Sokolowski said...

Your post cracked me up! What an early start to the day you had. Rest up. Hope that dieting dog lets you sleep in.

Ruth Ayres said...

Another reason we may be peas in a pod...MORNING WRITERS.

Your voice is strong and playful in this slice. Lovely.

Michelle said...

Loved it all, but laughed out loud when you said that you needed to find an outfit for mismatch day! :) I can't wait to see what you cultivate in the mornings!

Linda B said...

I think you sneaked up on us, Carol, & really did write a slice, & a really good one too. You told us lots, you talked about important things and funny things, and you made us laugh. Terrific!

Beverley Baird said...

I got a real chuckle from your slice! A much needed chuckle - thanks for that.
Thanks for stopping by as well.
I got advice to write the night before - and you know - that suits me much beter! I did the early write today but don't knoiw if I'll be able to sustainthat.|The night before - probably.
Hopefully your dog will get his timetable reset!
Loved especially those 6 word memoirs - will have to try a few.

Chris H. said...

Wow. I learn so much as a writer by reading posts like yours. Inspirational. Thanks.

Cathy said...

You must be an amazing writer in the morning because this is pretty fabulous. I'm pretty sure you could have made this at least three different slices. You're a risky slicer. I bet you are tough in a game of cards. :o) I enjoyed your poetry, "me by numbers," and six word memoirs (they remind me of the 25 word story Dogtrax shares).

I think I'm going to have to read Gone Girl. Everyone's talking about it.


Karen said...

I would have to kindly disagree - I think you're a pretty wonderful writer any time of the day!! Love this slice!
And, by the way, you know how writers are influenced by mentor texts? My first slice yesterday was triggered when I thought about that lovely post you wrote about not being ready to not be a mom. You are one of my mentor authors, my friend!

Carol said...

Thanks so much for all of your kind words! I was really silly last night- super tired from a busy day, followed by the talent show (and I am still wondering, by the way how I ended up in the balcony with all of the middle schoolers).

MaryHelen said...

I love the numbers. Creative twist. Love your voice.

Today I Love said...

Coming late to this slice but loving it just the same! Thanks so much for sharing. Love the little peek into the life of someone else who works with middle schoolers!

Today I Love said...

Coming late to this slice but loving it just the same! Thanks so much for sharing. Love the little peek into the life of someone else who works with middle schoolers!

Stacey Shubitz said...

Just saw this by way of Cathy's slice. Like the numbers idea!