Friday, March 22, 2013


Yesterday, was my eighth straight day 
of administering state tests and makeups.
Then I attended a required two-hour professional development session.
Then came home to two teenagers watching Netflix 
while their sinkful of dirty dishes waited for me.
I didn't feel up for an argument so I did the dishes (bangily!)
then put the dog on her leash and headed out for walk
in the last few minutes of that grayish light 
that happens right before night comes. 
It was cold and windy 
(the high tomorrow, our first day of Spring Break, 
is supposed to be 23 degrees)
I was so tired
trudging along behind the dog
picking my feet up only high enough
to keep from tripping over
the very bumpy hundred year-old sidewalks
which have caused me to take several knee-skinning spills.
 I rounded the corner
at 23rd and Birch
And then I saw them. 

 The very first daffodils of spring.  

I stopped and just stood there
breathing in all that yellow joy
while the dog snuffed impatiently
at the end of the leash.

And I thought of one of my favorite,  favorite spring poems,
Ralph Fletcher's "Daffodils." 
His book, Ordinary Things 
is about 15 years old. 
It's still one of my favorite spring poetry collections. 
I share this poem every year about this time.

They put on
a little show
simply by being
so yellow.
Their stems
darkly green
against the
faded brown barn.
Ralph Fletcher
from Ordinary Things: Poems from a Walk in Early Spring

This morning, I got up and wrote
Just a little. A haiku. That morphed into a baby poem. 
That might become something else later on.
When I have more time to play with it. 


i breathe daffodils.
that sunshine yellow soul juice
they promise me spring 


some people search for
their leprechaun's pot of gold 
at the end of the rainbow

I hunt for daffodils
that soul's gold
that promises 


Some people collect gold.

I collect gold too.

old friends
and daffodils
form my golden collection.  

If you want more poetry, head over to Poetry Friday at Greg Pincus'  Gotta Book. 
Greg hosts an amazing poetry celebration every April.

Happy Friday! Happy Spring!


Margaret Simon said...

Taking time to notice can brighten a gloomy day. We will be testing after spring break and I dread it. All the silent tension is unnerving. Here's to many more daffodils on your path.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

I am yearning for some "sunshine yellow soul juice" at this time of year, too. Thank you for this lovely collection of poems, they put me in a daffodilly mood!

Nanc said...

"soul juice" quite a beautiful bouquet of goodness Carol. TGIF xo

writekimwrite said...

I truly believe it is a God gift at the end of a tiresome day to find something that brings such joy. You described this so well, " I stopped and just stood there breathing in all that yellow joy...". That led to remembering a favorite poem(new to me) and a wonderful journey into making some of your own. Enjoy your Spring break and getting beyond testing!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

"sunshine yellow soul juice" YES!!

elsie said...

My favorite part is the gold you collect. That is priceless gold.

Ruth said...

I love daffodils too! And you're right -- they ARE soul juice after a long winter. I don't live anywhere near daffodils now, but I have a friend who always sends me photos of them every year when they first emerge!

Jaana said...

You have inspired me! Perhaps I will take a walk tomorrow with my camera, and look for signs of spring!

Looking for the Write Words said...

Delightful dabbling. Yellow flowers are my favorite. Here in NY, I have only spotted green shoots poking up their pointy heads and my first robin scuttling along the snowy sidewalk. Happy Friday! ~ Theresa

Unknown said...

Thanks for this delightful post--starting gloomy and setting tone then turned around by noticing and surprise. Delightful. Sunshine yellow soul juice. Your dabbling in poetry put a bounce in my evening.!

Michelle said...

Love that yellow sign of spring! That means it's coming. Spring won't miss it's turn!

Loved your poems as well, especially your collections of gold.

Enjoy your spring break. Hope you get to take the road trip you were thinking about. . .

Melanie Meehan said...

So much to remember in your post. I love doing the dishes bangily--I'm right there with you and I'm going to announce that one day! I love the gold in your poems, though--retrievers and daffodils--I'm with you again!
Have a great vacation!

Beverley Baird said...

Loved all your poems. The first - so honest, such a contrast from before and after daffodils. There is something so special in their sunny faces.
Have a wonderful weekend Carol.

Linda B said...

Wonderful-all, but I love that you added to your "collection" Carol, with the labs and old friends-very nice! Thanks for the pic too. I'm sitting here with the snow-enjoying it from the inside. The moisture will be good-& it's good to have a break!

Ramona said...

Carol, lovely post and picture. I've done the dishes bangily before. You left me humming an old Girl Scout song...
Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver and the other gold.
Soul's gold, sunshine yellow soul juice, breathe daffodils - you've left me giddy for spring.

Mary Lee said...

I'm glad those daffodils were there for you.

Cathy said...

Daffodils! We don't have any yet, but I see their green leaves beginning to reach above the ground. It won't be long, I hope.

I love these lines:

The very first daffodils of spring.

I stopped and just stood there
breathing in all that yellow joy

I'm looking forward to some yellow joy!