Sunday, March 31, 2013

SLICE #31- Because stories matter

And now we are at the end.
I've written every day
I've told stories about me 
(me in numbers, personal ad, 
puppy watching,
 junior organizational goddess, unexpected detours)
stories about my parenting and my life with the boys 
(sea glass, i wish my boys had a dad,
parenting from afar, call me mom, 
mom of the quarterback, tenebrae,
that's what moms do)
stories of my teaching 
(two posts about underwear, 
several posts about testing, 
a post about proficiency, 
a letter to Don Graves)
stories about Star 
(the bread fairy, 
the night watch girl, 
the Easter bunny)
and made a half hearted attempt at poetry
there's also been a little miscellany 
(split second decision).

Slicing was hard this year
and I'm struck by the posts
that I didn't write 
or started
but didn't finish

in the past few years
I've written lots of posts
about Son #1
I wanted to write more
about Son #2
and I started a million posts
but didn't finish them
that relationship is complex
and painful
and hard to write about
someday i hope.

When I commit to slicing
I also commit to commenting
I love, love, love
 getting responses to my stories
knowing that other people are reading
the words I send out into the world
I have appreciated
people's encouragement
and love
and prayers
this year
more than ever.

I know that other people love comments too. 
And so I've commented quite a bit this year…
Comments to old friends,
people that I've sliced with for  years
and lots of new folks too.
I've read more posts than I have commented on
Sometimes I have read the post
and decided to think about
and come back later
(you know how that goes!)
Sometimes I have just not have words
and so I have said nothing.
(I think that's the coward's way out). 
I wish I had said something.

I'm ending this March
thinking about next year 
I want to start earlier
to get friends and people in my building involved
 professionally because I think that 
writing in the SOLS challenge
would make them better teachers of writing
and selfishly
I want to know people's stories
because stories matter.
Maybe I will put out a post this week
and invite people to warm up
by slicing on Tuesdays.

 Next year I want to
comment on class slices
(I didn't do that at all this year)
and I want to see if I can get some classes
in my school
to do some slicing.

I'm grateful
once again
to Ruth and Stacey
for hosting
the Slice of Life Challenge
to everyone who sliced
and to everyone who commented.

Because stories matter.

Until Tuesday…


Katherine Sokolowski said...

Stories do matter - so true. I have tried to impress that upon my students this year. Hope they've understood.

elsie said...

It's been said, stories matter, but so often you don't know how much they matter. They matter to the writer, because that is a piece of their life preserved forever. They matter to the reader because our hearts are touched by the words written. Your story may help another reader who is struggling too. You are an amazing woman to share your stories. I hope the people in your building take you up on your offer.

Jone said...

I love reading your slices, Carol. They day will come to write about son 2. I loved commenting more this year.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your words about stories. And about painful stories--hard to put words around. All stories matter. Thanks for your sharing of yours and commenting on so many of ours. ~Deborah

Kay said...

Oh, stories do matter, and so do the communities that stories help create and shape. I've been inspired by all that I've read, and want to involve more next year (maybe get my classes slicing, maybe invite fellow teachers to slice). We'll see. I'll be dropping in on Tuesdays, for sure.

Stacey Shubitz said...

I'm glad this year's challenge was, again, a positive experience for you, Carol. Thanks for being such an integral part of our team!

Beverley Baird said...

Yes Carol - stories matter so much. They tell about our past and present and even future. they connect us with others. They help us heal.
I have so enjoyed reading your slices. You have touched me so many times. Thank you.

Nanc said...

stories do matter...people matter... people are walking living breathing stories....I had a harder time writing this year and one that I still need to tell. I've also had some false starts...but I have tried a little bit of poetry and I'm happy about the trying part. Always, always glad to read yours- you need a book, I think. xo

Linda B said...

I can hear some regret, but I have loved every bit of what you've written and look forward to more. You have a sense of humor that makes me laugh, & you're able to put things into words, almost a how-to, that I admire. I am hopeful for you & son 2. He still has to grow up, you know. And I'm looking forward to getting together. Thanks for the neat way you put this reflection together-I liked it!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

I have always looked forward to your posts, Carol...and am so grateful that you are part of this writing community, where stories matter and their writers are supported an encouraged.

Shannon Mashinchi said...

Carol, I look forward to Tuesdays and your slices. I feel that we are a bit kindred spirits with son #1 and son #2. I have looked forward to your comments on my stories and will be continuing to write. I have entered the A to Z challenge as well as some other writing challenges. My goal is to write daily...Good luck with your year...I look forward to your thoughts!

Mary Lee said...

Yes, stories matter.