Monday, March 11, 2013


I come from a family of organizational goddesses.
My mom is an organizational goddess.
Both of my younger sisters are organizational goddesses.

Umm, not so much.
Actually not at all.

Every year,
the accountant sends a packet
in January
it's fat.
Almost as fat as our state reading tests books.
There is always a letter.
That says that if you don't return your stuff by the end of March
The accountant will file an extension.

And all of the organizational goddesses
in my family
pay attention to that letter
and fill out the packet
generally get their taxes
 to the accountant
long before the March deadline
usually by the end of January.
They never file extensions. 

Um, not so much.

I get the packet in early January
shove it into a drawer
until mid February
when I get it out
and at least try to answer a few of the questions
before shoving it back into the drawer
until I get the warning letter in late March. 
It sits on the dining room table all through spring break
and then I usually email the accountant
to tell him to file an extension. 
I generally do my taxes
in early June
right after we get out of school. 

But this year

I am determined to do it right.
I am going to turn my stuff in on time
I am not going to get one of those warning letters.
I am not going to file an extension.
I spent a good chunk of Sunday, then
Trying to make sense of  grocery store receipts
and book store receipts
and teacher store receipts
adding up how many hundred or thousnds of dollars
I have spent on school this year.
I entered them all into a little chart
And tomorrow I will add them up.

Each night this week
I plan to spend an hour
Working on taxes
And hopefully
By the end of this week.
I will be ready to send them
to the accountant.

Probably one of the earliest dates ever. 
At least for me.

I am feeling
like a junior
organizational goddess. 


A Junior Organizational Goddess.

That's me.


Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Well, better a Junior Goddess than a hopeless pre-Junior Goddess in training - which is yours truly. Bravo!

Karen said...

Love this!! Is there anything worse than organizing for taxes? I can be organized about many things, but for that... yuck! Good for you.

Michelle said...

Ha! I love this - a junior organizational goddess! Good luck and hope you are working on those taxes right now.

What will you do with that extra time in June? Move on to the next step of organizational status?

Mrs. Rowe said...

You go girl!

writekimwrite said...

Bravo! I am giving you a standing ovation to you, Junior Organizational Goddess! It is hard to change old habits. I sense your pleasure in this step.

Linda B said...

I've put it all off till spring break, Carol! I get one of those packets too, but no warning letter. Maybe I'd better call for an app't though. You've made me put this higher on my list. Love the promotion you just gave yourself, oh junior organizational goddess; guess we do learn when needed!

elsie said...

I hear the "I can do it" in your writing. Keep plugging away, it will be done!
I wonder what our tax man thinks when he sees the ? I put next to several items.

Nanc said...

I love that you are making a list and trying your hardest to stick with it. I need to try things that way too and you can mentor me. I will be the 'baby organizational goddess.' Yes, i like the sound of that. xo nanc

Rissa said...

My husband is a CPA ( I am too but I left the field to become a teacher) and I told him about your post. He said to tell you, "You are not alone." So many people freeze when they have a deadline to meet but congratulations on achieving junior status!!

Beverley Baird said...

Carol - love your post. You made me smile- no, I did not chuckle!
I am very like you - not so organized. The worst is knowing I have a book or pictures or a project for school and I can't find it. Ugh!
This was the first year we actually got our taxes in early! Yeah! Here's wishing you a quick end to the taxes!