Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Snow day! Or kind of anyway! All last week, the local news channels kept predicting a blizzard for the weekend. But it was kind of hard to believe. First off, I live in Colorado, right at the base of the Rocky Mountains and predictions for snow are accurate about 50% of the time. Secondly, we have had almost no snow this winter. And finally, it was 50 degrees on Saturday, the day before the alleged blizzard.

Even so, I adjusted my weekend plans, just a little. My mom's birthday was Sunday. She lives about 75 miles south of me. And there's a stretch of road that's notoriously bad between her house and mine. If we were going to have a blizzard I didn't want to be on that road. My sister and I moved our dinner to Saturday night at 6:30. And then moved it again to 5:00, so I could make it back to Denver before the storm started.

I arrived home about 10:00. And it was just starting to spit. A little.  I set the alarm to get up for early church. And wake up, at 6 on Sunday morning to a blizzard. Six inches of snow. Lots more falling. Wind. I declared a snow day and went back to bed.

Now I know some people view a snow day as an opportunity to be super productive. They make lesson plans for three weeks. Organize their taxes.  Catch up on their filing. Still others take the domestic approach to snow days. They catch on laundry. Bake cookies. Make soup or chili. Others have family days. Those people make memories. They build snowmen. Play endless games of monopoly. Have movie marathons.

I didn't do any of those things. Instead, I made coffee and read the newspaper. Then I shoveled. Then I tried to explain to my less-than-charming teen cellmate that I was not personally responsible for the blizzard, nor was I willing to call his girlfriend's parents and convince them to drive her 20 miles across town to our house for the afternoon. Then I thought about responding to eighth grade essays. And then I shoveled some more. And watched the Great Dane puppies on And thought about responding to eighth grade essays. And then I shoveled some more. And every once in a while I checked to see if we were going to have an official snow day on Monday.

About 5:00 I decided the chances of a snow day were slim to none. And that I might need to have my schoolwork done. So I made meatloaf. And did a couple of loads of laundry. And checked the website to see if we were going to have a snow day. And looked at the site for best dressed Academy Awards. And shovelled and brushed off the car.

And then I responded to the eighth grade essays.


Linda B said...

My brother is on his second snow day (mid-Missouri), but alas, not us. Your day sounds mighty fine-nice to hear from you!

Ramona said...

"And thought about responding to eighth grade essays." Such a familiar line for so many of us. I love this snapshot of your snow day. And this description made me smile "my less-than-charming teen cellmate"!

Beverley Baird said...

I did something similar last night. Thought it might be a snow day today but it wasn't - quite a bit of snow tho. But I also woke really not feeling well so home I stay.
Glad you were able to celebrate with your Mom and get home safely.

elsie said...

The repetition of shoveling and thinking about the essays made me laugh. So sorry it didn't create enough havoc to have an actual snow day on Monday. :-(
Meatloaf sounds good on a snowy blizzardy day.

Nanc said...

I loved the teen cellmate description. I keep avoiding the shovel and the cleaning up of my cozy place upstairs. Right now, I'm still avoiding and think that maybe I should write my post for Friday. I happy that those essays got done, Carol. I'm guessing they were inspirational. :)

writekimwrite said...

Your writing always draws me in. You have such a descriptive way of explaining your daily life. Like others I especially liked the part about your "teen cellmate."

Mary Lee said...