Friday, February 22, 2013


We had snow in  Denver this week- one of those glorious mini-blizzards that makes you want to throw on your boots and stomp around outside. Today when I work in classrooms, I will be sharing two of my favorite oldie but goodie "snow poems."

"Red Boots On"

Way down Geneva,
All along Vine,
Deeper than the snow drift
Love's eyes shine:

Mary Lou's walking
in the winter time.

She's got

Red boots on, she's got.
red boots on
Kicking up the winter
till the winter's gone.
- Kit Wright

Read the rest of the poem and/or listen to Kit Wright read it here.
And then a favorite Pooh-ism.
"The More It Snows"

The more it snows 
The more it goes 
The more it goes on snowing 
And nobody knows 
How cold my toes 
How cold my toes are growing 
(Tiddely-Pom Tiddely-Pom Tiddely-Pom Tiddely-Pom)
- A.A. Milne
You can watch a video of this one here.  
Sherri is hosting Poetry Friday here
She shares "Miracles," a Walt Whitman poem that seems a perfect companion to "Red Boots On."


Linda B said...

It was a lovely snow, wasn't it, except for those who had a tough time on the way home, I guess. I don't know this first poem, Carol-very fun for young students. Thank you!

Mary Lee said...

Fun stuff!