Monday, March 16, 2020

SLICE 16/31- Today was a hard day

Today was a hard day.

I went into school with the intention of straightening my classroom library and cleaning up my office. When I got there, the administrative team was congregating in the office. They were there to do triage, or at least that's what it felt like. A local restaurant, a really nice restaurant, wanted to give dinners to 50 people, starting tonight. And that was great, except that we probably have 200 kids, not to mention siblings, and parents, that could use meals right now.

We also had some gift cards to give out. $50 to King Soopers. $50 is not much, but it's better than nothing.

And then there was the option of free "grab and go" breakfasts and lunches at schools around town, and also dinners at the recreation centers.

The administrative team was a little shorthanded, so I volunteered to call the sixth graders. We had listed about half of the sixth grade class, about thirty kids, as possibly needing support. I called down the list, explaining the situation in my less than perfect Spanish.

Some of the parents thanked me, but said they were ok right now.

Others said yes, they would like the gift card.

And still others said yes, and arrived within minutes to pick it up.

When they came, we offered them access to the teacher supply closet.

D and his family took markers, crayons, notebook paper, pencils, and glue. S and her mom, who I had never met before today took wipes, kleenex, and paper towels. G wanted plain white paper for drawing.

Every time I said goodbye to someone, I wanted to cry.

I know how far $50 goes at King Soopers. Not very. Especially when you are feeding a family of five or six or seven, like many of the families at our school are doing. I wonder what they will do when the cards run out.

I know how icky the bag lunches from school can be. We take them on field trips. I always bring bags of chips, and cookies, to try to offset the nasty bologna sandwiches and bruised fruit that usually appears in the bag lunches. And now kids will be eating those lunches for days on end. With no extra bags of chips or cookies.

And I know how much our families depend on school-- for everything from day care, to social worker, to medical diagnoses. And now we won't be there for them, for at least three weeks, and probably a whole lot longer.

Today was a hard day.


LynnG said...

That was a tough day. The description of the bagged lunch hit me like a punch to the stomach. I hope the families find ways to be resilient during this crisis.

Jean said...

"Like a punch to the stomach"...perfect!
It was a rough day, but at least you could touch base with some families?
This is such a bizarre time. I am so glad that I am out in the country with the geese, deer, and robins.
Keep sharing, Carol!

Linda B said...

I'm sorry, Carol. I've been thinking about you and hoping that more could be done. I'm glad that you could help some. It's time for our leaders to step up and help those in need. They certainly talk about it enough. Stay well yourself!

Ramona said...

Oh, Carol, so much need! No wonder it was a tough day. Just remember that your words and actions meant the world today to those you touched (without using your hands). Every action counts. You remind us that great needs should be met.