Sunday, March 1, 2020

SLICE OF LIFE- 1/31- Inseparable

Ten years ago, when I started slicing,
one son was in middle school,
and one son was in high school.
They were best, best, best friends.
Had been since they were little tiny boys.
In fact, one of the reasons,
 I chose to foster parent and then adopt
was because the system was about to split them up
and I couldn't imagine them being apart.

They were inseparable.

The kind of inseparable where,
that first year
when we went to the grocery store,
son#1 was grabbing something off of the shelf,
son #2 was ten feet ahead of us and turned the corner
Son #1 panicked, when he turned around
because he couldn't see his brother.

They were inseparable.

On the football team,
I could always find my boys on the sidelines
they would be standing right next to each other
shoulders almost touching.
And if someone sacked Son #2,
who was the quarterback
they better be prepared
to have Son #1 flatten them
on the next play.

They were inseparable.

When Son #1 went to junior college
Son #2 wouldn't come to the car
to say goodbye.
I think he couldn't.
A week later
A single tear rolled down his cheek
when he talked about his brother.

They were inseparable.

But recently,
I don't know exactly what,
They had an argument
And now, for several weeks,
they haven't talked to each other.
They both live with me,
in bedrooms directly across from each other.
But they keep their doors closed.
Don't talk.
Don't acknowledge each other.

Son #1 has a much softer spirit.
He has loved his younger brother
stood by his side
protected him fiercely
And he is

Son #2 is a warrior
tall and proud
When someone wrongs him
he does not forgive.
His brother has wronged him
and he is finished.

has become

I am their mother
and I don't know how to help.


Stacey Shubitz said...

My kids are much younger so I won’t pretend to have the wisdom to help. I will hope — for your sake and theirs — that they resolve their differences soon.

Congrats on year 10 of slicing!

Miss B said...

This made my heart hurt. I'm so sorry. I hope something changes. Maybe Son #2 will soften his rule of being done when he has been wronged.

Jean said... hard to wait..
Thank you for sharing!

Elisabeth Ellington said...

Such a powerful piece. As always, you find just the right details to convey the deep bond they share, which makes the current separation all the more painful. I always feel like I am right there in your pieces, Carol. And as always, I read and reread noting your craft moves.

Tamara said...

Carol, as always your writing stops me in my tracks, helps me see what’s true, what’s essential. It’s so beautifully crafted, all in service to the meaning. Thank you for sharing this piece of yourself.

Diane Anderson said...

This... such strong writing. Such strong feeling. Thank you for sharing. You are their mother and you are there.

Jone said...

So poignant. I hope they will get through this rough patch.