Sunday, March 8, 2020


Today was one of those "DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200" kind of days. Not awful, but definitely a day where I just kind of did, and redid, and redid, but never quite got anything done.

1) I got up early and wrote my slice. It was about trying to parent my 26-year-old son, which has been more than a little challenging for about the past six months. After I finished it, I decided that maybe it was too personal and  wasn't fair to him to post it, even though he never reads my blog. So 45 minutes writing a post I will never use.

2) I was going to visit my mom in Colorado Springs (about 90 minutes south of where I live), like I do pretty much every Sunday. I was on my way out the door, literally, with keys in one hand and dog leash in the other, and my mom called. She had had a really busy day yesterday and was tired and didn't want me to come. She might have been fudging a little, and just saying that because she knew I had had a really busy weekend, but I ended up not going.

3) This afternoon, Rooney and I went to the grocery store. My store is going through a huge remodeling, which will be great when it's done, but right now, it just takes forever to find anything. I left my cart in one aisle, while I went around a corner to find the Hot Pockets, which my son thinks are one of the four food groups. When I came back, my cart, which was about 2/3 full, was missing. I went back one more aisle, thinking maybe I had misplaced it, but no cart. Then I spied a woman a little ways ahead, pushing what looked like my cart. I hustled after her, and tried to politely say that I thought she had my groceries. At first she was a little miffed, insisting it was her cart, but it really wasn't, I could see my son's store brand white bread, and the dark chocolate I had bought for my secret pal at school. The woman had put a few items in on top of my groceries, and wanted to go through everything in the cart to make sure she had her groceries. Ten minutes later...

4) After I got the groceries unpacked and walked the dog, I was ready to do school work. I am not a television person, but I do like the background noise of the television when I am doing schoolwork. Tonight, the television happened to be on, because my son had been watching. The channels he likes are very different from those that I like. The remote had gone AWOL, as it seems to regularly do, and so I attempted to change the channel from Channel 300 to Channel 7 manually. Except somehow I pushed the RECORD button which I had never used. And then I couldn't get it to turn off. And my son couldn't get it to turn off. And the television wouldn't let me change the channel until it was done recording, which was about two hours later. And I didn't want to watch "The Simpsons," which was the channel it was stuck on. And we still haven't found the remote, three hours later. My son thinks Rooney took it, which is always a possibility, but if he did, he buried it somewhere in the backyard.

5) And now I'm grading restaurant reviews, which alternately make me laugh out loud, and want to weep, because we have to take our state tests in two weeks, and they have to be ready to write persuasively. Here are a few favorites:

AC reviewed Wendy's
I love me some Wendy's. The food there is amazing. You should definitely try the spicy chicken combo because you get a soda which i'm pretty sure is large size and you also get the sandwich which tastes super good 
It might take a while to get your food but it is definitely worth it. It is a fast food restaurant so sometimes you can get your food fast, but it depends.
The service is good and they are really nice. If you are a cheapskate, you might find it expensive but if you are not that cheap, trust me buying this food will be amazing. Overall, if you go inside it might not be that clean but it is a little clean but once again it is still worth it. 
They accept anyone. Even if you are in a wheelchair or have a disability, they will still be really nice to you.
L reviewed McDonald's, although I'm not sure she has ever been there. 
If you are in the mood for some burgers or more fast food like nuggets or fries, come to McDonalds. I don’t really eat the burgers over there at McDonalds but i’ve heard the burgers are good. But then again we all have different tastes and i’ve never tried the burgers before so i am not very sure how they taste.  
K chose to review Applebee's.

 Applebees has good service besides the fact that they take forever to get your food to you.

J reviewed a more upscale Italian restaurant.
In my opinion, you should go to Italiano's because the food is very delicious, and the service is also very good. The bathroom is clean, and there are mints, hairspray, and mouthwash.  

Umm, ok, so I guess we need a little more practice with persuasive writing.

Definitely a "DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200" kind of day. 


Diane Anderson said...

Oh, what a day! And it might sound weird, but those writing samples were a comfort to me. I thought I might be the only one seeing that kind of writing. Sometimes I am amazed by some of the ideas students put in their writing, but, oh my, we are so far from what is expected. I am working on persuasive writing right now, too, trying some ideas from a workshop at NABE by Dr. Kate Kinsella.

Ramona said...

Totally crazy day! I can't believe the cart fiasco, and then the remote fiasco, and finally the restaurant reviews. Maybe you should eat the dark chocolate you bought for your secret pal! Tomorrow has to be better.

Elisabeth Ellington said...

That is quite the day! The restaurant reviews made me smile. They're trying! It's an approximation of what persuasive writing should be! I often think we ask students to do work that isn't developmentally appropriate on these tests. Students that age haven't had a lot of experience reading persuasive texts. Narrative and informational, yes. But not so much with the persuasive. I'll have to think about this more, but I'm struggling to think of many persuasive texts i share in my Children's Lit class.