Saturday, March 21, 2020

SLICE 21/31- A teeny bit of normalcy

Today started out with a teeny bit of normalcy.

I went to Weight Watchers.

I've gone to Weight Watchers pretty much every Saturday for the last three years. It's part of my Saturday morning routine.

OK, I didn't actually GO to Weight Watchers, because the physical facilities are closed.

But I did go to a meeting via Zoom.

And there was a lot about it that was the same.

Cheri, the leader I have had for the past three years, led the meeting.

Mary Ann, who usually weighs me, and Denise, the other weigh-er, were both there, helping with the technology.

Lots of the people who usually attend- Deb, Cassie, Alice, Jean, Jessica, who also goes to my Monday night Bible Study, and about twenty more were there, most in sweats and t-shirts, many nursing mugs of coffee, some looking slightly sleepy.

We followed the same format we usually do- people shared how their week had gone, and then Cheri moved into the topic for this week. We set goals for next week. Mine was to track what I ate  honestly and completely. Oops. Today was not too pretty in the point department.

And like I do most weeks, I came away thinking about what people said.

One woman, about my age and single, talked about how much she needed to physically TALK to someone every day, not just text, or email. That made sense to me. There's just something about having an actual conversation. I need to work harder at calling people and making connections.

Another woman talked about how tired her husband was this morning. He works in the oil industry. Yesterday, he had to lay off two of his co-workers. And I thought about how blessed I am to have a stable job. It's not always perfect, but I love my job, and I won't get laid off.

Cheri really put everything in perspective for me. She said that she led a meeting on Friday, and at that meeting, there was a mom, who is an ER nurse, but has been out on maternity leave for the past five months. On Sunday, she will leave her family-- her husband, her baby, and a two-year-old. She said she probably won't get to go home again until she gets sick. I've been thinking about that woman and her family all day.

I left the meeting feeling really energized, and ready to move forward with my day and my week.

It was really nice to have a teeny bit of normalcy.


Ramona said...

I went to Weight Watchers this morning too, in my pajamas! Our class meets at 7 am. So we're a bunch of early birds. Who else starts their Saturday this way? I missed heading to Starbuck's afterward for a bit of writing time. It's a favorite weekly tradition. I missed part of the meeting b/c I was struggling with the technology. But I persevered and got there! Yay for normalcy!

Mandy said...

Thank you for sharing what you heard from others - it helped me put things in perspective and I'm glad you kept part of your routine. I keep referring to things as normal and not normal with the not normal becoming a new normal. Hang in there.

Tamara said...

Boom. Laid me flat. That heroic ER nurse will be in my prayers.